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  • Brand:   Denso
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    • Denso Common Rail ECD-V Series

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English (EN)
  • Number of pages:   118
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ECD-V Series
Electronically Controlled Distributor
Type Fuel Injection System
To meet the pressing needs for the diesel engine to deliver cleaner exhaust gas emissions, lower
fuel consumption, and reduced noise, advances are being made in adopting electronic control in
its fuel injection system.
This manual covers the electronic control models ECD-V3, ECD-V3 (ROM), ECD-V4, and ECD-
V5 of the electronically controlled, distributor type fuel injection system, including actual examples.
Complex theories or special functions are omitted in this manual in order to focus on the descrip-
tion of the basic construction and operation. It has been compiled to serve as a reference material
for everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the electronically controlled, distributor type
fuel injection system, whose application is increasing year after year.
Introduction (Diesel Engine and Fuel Injection System)
Chapter 1 (ECD-V3)
Chapter 2 (ECD-V5)
Chapter 3 (ECD-V4)
All Rights Reserved. This book, parts thereof,
may not be reproduced or copied, in any form
without the written permission of the publisher.
- 15 -
Chapter 1
- 16 -
Chapter 1 - Table of Contents
1. Outline
2. System Composition
2-1. Construction of Injection Pump
2-2. System Components (on-vehicle layout example)
3. Fuel Pressure-Feed and Injection
4. Fuel Injection Volume Control
4-1. Outline of Injection Volume Control
4-2. System Components
4-3. Fuel Injection Volume Control
4-4. Relationship Between Vehicle (Engine) and Fuel Injection Volume Control
4-5. Determining the Final Injection Volume
4-6. Various Types of Injection Volume Corrections
4-7. Summary of Injection Volume Control (typical examples)
5. Fuel Injection Timing Control
5-1. Outline of Injection Timing Control
5-2. Components
5-3. Injection Timing Control
5-4. Determining the Final Injection Timing
5-5. Various Times of Timing Advance Corrections
5-6. Timing Control Valve (TCV) Actuation Method
5-7. Summary of Injection Timing Control (typical examples)
6. Idle Speed Control
6-1. Outline
6-2. Idle Speed Control
7. Idle Speed Control
7-1. Function
7-2. Construction
7-3. Operation
8. EGR Control
8-1. Construction and Operation of Components
8-2. Determining the EGR Volume
8-3. EGR Correction Coefficient
9. Glow Plug Control
9-1. Glow Plug Indicator Illumination Time control
9-2. Glow Plug Relay Control
10. Other Controls (control types by engine model)
11. Diagnosis Function
12. Fail-Safe Function
- 63 -
Chapter 2
- 64 -
Chapter 2 - Table of Contents
1. General Descriptions
1-1. Construction of ECD-V5 Pump
1-2. Fuel Pressure-Feed and Injection
2. System Configuration
2-1. System Components
3. Control Function
3-1. Fuel Injection Quantity Control
3-2. Fuel Injection Timing Control
3-3. Idle Speed Control
3-4. EGR Control
3-5. Other Controls
- 89 -
Chapter 3
- 90 -
Chapter 3 - Table of Contents
1. General Descriptions
1-1. Injection Pump Mechanism (ex. 1HD-FTE engine)
2. System Configuration (ex. 1HD-FTE engine)
2-1. System Components (on the vehicle)
2-2. System Configuration (ex. 1HD-FTE engine)
2-3. System Components
3. Control Functions
3-1. List of Control Functions
3-2. Fuel Injection Quantity Control
3-3. Fuel Injection Timing Control
3-4. Idle Speed Control
3-5. Idle Speed Stabilization Control
3-6. Other Control Items
3-7. EGR Control


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