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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Brother
  • Models included:
    • Brother FAX-4100
    • Brother FAX-4750e
    • Brother FAX-5750e
    • Brother FAX-8360P
    • Brother MFC-8500
    • Brother MFC-9660

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   294
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  • SKU:   BMBR-1012

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Safety Precautions
How to Access the Object Component
Disassembly Order Flow
1.1 Rear Cover
1.2 Access Plates R and F
1.3 Control Panel ASSY
1.4 Panel Rear Cover and Control Panel
and Pinch Rollers
1.6 CIS Unit
and Control Panel Locks)
1.8 Top Cover (Exit Roller, Speaker, and Document Guides)
Side Cover (for models without handset)
1.10 Paper Sub Tray
(for models supporting video capture)
Front Sub Cover (for models not supporting video capture)
1.13 Outer Chute and Paper Pinch Rollers
1.14 Main Cover
1.15 Switch Cover
1.16 Laser Unit
1.17 Heat-fixing Unit and FU Lamp
[Disassembling the heat-fixing unit]
1.18 Fan
1.19 Drive Gear ASSY and Main Motor ASSY
1.20 NCU Shield and NCU PCB
1.21 Bottom Plate, Main PCB and Bottom Insulation Film
1.22 Low-voltage Power Supply PCB and Power Inlet
and 2nd Cassette Relay PCB*
1.24 Toner Sensor (light-receiver) PCB and Toner Sensor (LED) PCB
1.25 Gears and Paper Pick-up Roller
1.26 Paper Feed Roller ASSY
1.27 Clutch Levers, Cassette Guide L, and Solenoid
1.28 Paper Cassette
1.29 Cleaning of High-voltage Contacts and Grounding Contacts
[ 1 ] Document feed roller ASSY and document ejection roller ASSY
[ 2 ] Control panel locks
separation roller and its shaft
[ 4 ] Top cover
[ 5 ] Drive gear ASSY
[ 6 ] Paper cassette
1.1 Equipment Errors
[ 1 ] Error messages on the LCD
1.2 Communications Errors
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Precautions
2.3 Checking prior to Troubleshooting
2.4 Troubleshooting Procedures
[ 1 ] Control panel related
[ 2 ] Telephone related
[ 3 ] Communications related
[ 4 ] Paper/document feeding related
[ 5 ] Print-image related
Location of High-voltage Contacts and Grounding Contacts


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