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  • Brand:   Brother
  • Models included:
    • Brother HL-3040CN
    • Brother HL-3070CW

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English (EN)
  • Number of pages:   472
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  • SKU:   BMBR-1089

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CHAPTER 1: SPECIFICATIONS This chapter lists the specifications of each model. CHAPTER 2: THEORY OF OPERATION Gives an overview of the printing mechanisms as well as the sensors, actuators, and control electronics. It aids in understanding the basic principles of operations as well as locating defects for troubleshooting. CHAPTER 3: ERROR INDICATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING Details of error messages and codes that the incorporated self-diagnostic function of the machine will display if any error or malfunction occurs. If any error message appears, refer to this chapter to find which parts should be checked or replaced. The latter half of this chapter provides sample problems that could occur in the main sections of the machine and related troubleshooting procedures. CHAPTER 4: PERIODICAL MAINTENANCE Details of consumable parts and periodical maintenance parts. This chapter also covers procedures for disassembling and assembling periodical maintenance parts. CHAPTER 5: DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY Details of procedures for disassembling and assembling of the machine together with related notes. The disassembly order flow provided enables you to see at a glance the quickest way to get to parts involved. At the start of a disassembly job, you can check the disassembly order flow that guides you through a shortcut to get to the object parts. This chapter also covers screw tightening torques and lubrication points to which the specified lubrications should be applied during assembly jobs. CHAPTER 6: ADJUSTMENTS AND UPDATING OF SETTINGS, REQUIRED AFTER PARTS REPLACEMENT Details of adjustments and updating of settings, which are required if the main PCB and some other parts have been replaced. This chapter also covers how to update the firmware. ii Confidential CHAPTER 7: SERVICE FUNCTIONS Describes the maintenance mode which is exclusively designed for the purpose of checking the settings and adjustments using the buttons on the control panel. This chapter also covers not-disclosed-to-users function menus, which activate settings and functions or reset the parts life. CHAPTER 8: CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS & WIRING DIAGRAM Provides the Circuit Diagrams and Wiring Diagram for the connections of the PCBs. APPENDIX 1: WORKER SWITCH (WSW) Describes the functions of the worker switches. APPENDIX 2: DELETION OF USER SETTING INFORMATION etc. Provides instructions on how to delete user setting information etc. stored in the machine. APPENDIX 3: SERIAL NUMBERING SYSTEM APPENDIX 4: SCREW CATALOGUE APPENDIX 5: REFERENCES APPENDIX 6: GLOSSARY


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