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  • Brand:   Brother
  • Models included:
    • Brother LX-300
    • Brother LX-1200

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3.1 Safety Precautions
3.2 Removing the Film Cartridge
3.3 Covers
3.3.1 Removing the Trimmer Cover
3.3.2 Removing the Top Cover B
3.3.3 Removing the Sub-tray
3.3.4 Removing Paper Tray A and Paper Guide
3.3.5 Removing the Body Cover
3.3.6 Removing the Front Cover
3.3.7 Removing Paper Tray B
3.3.8 Removing the Back Cover
3.3.9 Removing the Cover Switch
3.3.10 Removing the Dial Switch Holder Assy B
3.3.11 Removing the Push Switch Assy
3.4 Chassis Assy
3.4.1 Removing the Harness Connectors
3.4.2 Removing the PST PCB (Paper Sensor PCB)
3.4.3 Removing the Chassis Assy
3.5 PCBs
3.5.1 Removing the Main PCB
3.5.2 Removing the Jack PCB Assy
3.5.3 Removing the SW PCB Assy
3.6 X-cutter Unit
3.6.1 Removing the X-cutter Unit
3.6.2 Removing the Leaf Switch F Assy
3.7 Y-CA Chassis Assy and Y-cutter Arm
3.7.1 Removing the Y-CA Chassis Assy
3.7.2 Removing the Y-CA Motor
3.7.3 Removing the Y-cutter Arm
3.8 Y-sensor Rail Unit
3.8.1 Removing the Y-sensor Rail Unit
3.8.2 Disassembling the Y-sensor Rail Unit
3.9 Roller Holder Assy
3.9.1 Removing the Roller Holder Assy
3.10 Paper Feed Roller
3.10.1 Removing the Paper Feed Holder Assy
3.11 Left Side of the Main Chassis
3.11.1 Removing the LF Motor
3.11.2 Removing the Gears
3.12 Right Side of the Main Chassis
3.12.1 Removing the Right Side of the Chassis
3.12.2 Removing the YC Lift Shaft and LF Change Shaft
3.13 Paper Eject Roller
3.13.1 Removing the Paper Eject Roller Unit
3.14 Y-diversion Lever
3.14.1 Removing the Y-diversion Lever Assy
3.15 Trimming Mechanism
3.15.1 Disassembling the Trimming Mechanism
3.16 Driving Roller
3.16.1 Removing the Driving Roller
3.17 Main Chassis B
3.17.1 Removing the Main Chassis B
3.17.2 Removing the Cassette Holder
3.17.3 Removing the ENC Sensor PCB
3.17.4 Removing the Main Chassis L, R, and F
4.1 Safety Precautions
4.2 Table of Tightening Torques
4.3 Main Chassis B
4.3.1 Installing the Main Chassis L, R, and F
4.3.2 Installing the ENC Sensor PCB
4.3.3 Installing the Cassette Holder
4.3.4 Installing the Main Chassis B
4.4 Driving Roller
4.4.1 Installing the Driving Roller
4.5 Trimming Mechanism
4.5.1 Assembling the Trimming Assy
4.6 Paper Eject Roller and Y-diversion Lever
4.6.1 Installing the Paper Eject Roller Unit and Y-diversion Lever
4.6.2 Installing the Paper Eject Roller
4.7 Right Side of the Main Chassis
4.7.1 Installing the YC Lift Shaft and LF Change Shaft
4.7.2 Installing the Right Side of the Chassis
4.8 Left Side of the Chassis
4.8.1 Installing the Gears
4.8.2 Installing the LF Motor
4.9 Paper Feed Roller
4.9.1 Installing the Paper Feed Holder Assy and the Paper Feed Roller Assy
4.10 Roller Holder Assy
4.10.1 Installing the Roller Holder Assy
4.11 Y-sensor Rail Unit
4.11.1 Assembling the Y-sensor Rail Unit (Attaching Y-sensor PCB Assy)
4.11.2 Installing the Y-sensor Rail Unit
4.12 Y-CA Chassis Assy and Y-Cutter Arm
4.12.1 Installing the Y-cutter Arm
4.12.2 Installing the Y-CA Motor
4.12.3 Installing the Y-CA Chassis Assy
4.13 X-cutter Unit
4.13.1 Installing the Leaf Switch F Assy
4.13.2 Installing the X-cutter Unit
4.14 Harnesses
4.14.1 Installing the Harnesses
4.15 PCBs
4.15.1 Installing the Jack PCB Assy
4.15.2 Installing Main PCB Assy 1
4.16 Chassis Assy
4.16.1 Installing the Chassis Assy
4.16.2 Installing the PST PCB Assy
4.16.3 Installing the Harness Connectors
4.17 Covers
4.17.1 Installing the Push SW Assy
4.17.2 Installing the Dial Switch Holder Assy
4.17.3 Installing the Cover Switch
4.17.4 Installing the Back Cover
4.17.5 Installing Paper Tray B
4.17.6 Installing the Front Cover
4.17.7 Installing the Body Cover
4.17.8 Installing the Paper Tray A and Paper Guide
4.17.9 Installing the Sub-tray
4.17.10 Installing the Top Cover B
4.17.11 Installing the Trimmer Upper Cover
4.18 Installing the Y-cutter
4.19 Installing the Film Cartridge
4.19.1 Installing the A3 Cartridge
4.19.2 Installing the A4/A6 Cassette Attachment
7.1 Outline
7.2 Precautions during Repair
7.3 After Making a Repair
7.4 Basic Checks
7.5 Troubleshooting Flowcharts
7.6 Troubleshooting Tables


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