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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Canon
  • Models included:
    • Canon FAX-B115
    • Canon FAX-B120
    • Canon FAX-B122
    • Canon FAX-B140

File Information:

  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   117
  • File size:  ∼ 6.44  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMCN-1006

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3.1 Main Body
Product Code Destination Official Product Name
8012A003(H12-2615) GER FAX-B115(TAM:None)
8012A001(H12-2613) EC FAX-B120(TAM:None)
8012A002(H12-2624) UK FAX-B120(TAM:None)
8012A004(H12-2627) FRN FAX-B120(TAM:None)
8012A007(H12-2626) CHN FAX-B120(TAM:None)
8012A012(H12-2896) CHN FAX-B122(TAM:None)
8094A001(H12-2633) EC FAX-B140(TAM:Yes)
8094A002(H12-2644) UK FAX-B140(TAM:Yes)
8094A003(H12-2635) GER FAX-B140(TAM:Yes)
8094A004(H12-2647) FRN FAX-B140(TAM:Yes)
8094A007(H12-2646) CHN FAX-B140(TAM:Yes)
3.2 Option
Printing method Bubble jet
Printing resolution 360dpi x 360dpi
Paper capacity
Cassette size None
Cassette capacity None
Manual feed Yes
Tray Size LTR/LGL/A4
Tray Capacity 50 sheets
Paper size LTR/LGL/A4
Color Printing None
Printing speed
Sec/ page 53 sec/pages
Page(s) /min 1.13 pages/min
Printing width Max. 203 mm
Printing direction -
Printing Cartridge Ink/Head
Product name BX-3 Cartridge
Capacity (BLK) Approx. 850 pages
Toner or ink saving Yes (One-Touch 08 key)
Method Draft Mode
Pages Approx. 1500 pages
Stacker Pages None
Type None
PDL None
DOS Print None
Printing image processing Yes
Smoothing None
Resolution conversion Yes
Printing pixel correction None
Applicable Line
Others (private line, etc.) None
Applicable service
F Net16Hz (JPN) None
F Net1300Hz (JPN) None
DI Service (JPN) None
Mercury (UK) None
Econophone (SPAIN) None
Hong Kong Telephone(HK) Yes
Caller ID Yes (GER, ITA, FRA)
NET SWITCH (Australia) Yes
Own Ringing(Fin) Yes
FAX ABILITY (New Zealand) Yes
G4 None
G3 Ye s
Color Fax Transmission None
Data compression system
Color None
Type FAX modem
Speed 14,400bps(TX only)
ITU recommendation V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21
Transmission speed
Canon Standard Chart Between 6 and 7 sec
CCITT (ITU-T) No.1 Chart Between 6 and 7 sec
Canon express protocol None
FAX resolution
Transmission(pel/mm x line/mm) 8 x 3.85 , 7.7
Reception(pel/mm x line/mm) 8 x 3.85 , 7.7
Scanning image processing
No. of halftone levels 64 levels
Automatic image adjustment None
Document Mode Halftone (STD)
Density adjustment level Yes
Multi-level Resolution Conversion Yes
Automatic Density Adjustment None
Fax scanning speed
Sec./page (A4, Standard) 13.5 sec/page
Page(s)/min 4.8 page/min
Telephone Handset Included
Manual 10-key dialing Yes
On-Hook key Yes
Reception Mode key Yes
Automatic dialing Yes
One-Touch Speed dialing 9
Coded-Speed dialing 50
Programmable Number of digits 20 average( average programmable
number of digit )
Group dialing None
Program dialing None
Dial search Yes
Hold key None
Tone Dialing key Yes
Pause key Yes
DT key None
R key (230V) Yes (One-Touch 04 key)
Prefix Yes
Flash Yes
Earth None
Set key None (Shared with Start Key)
Clear key Yes (One-Touch 06 key)
Redial key Yes
Function key Yes
Copy key Yes ( Shared with Start Key )
Cursor key Yes
ESS key None
Help key None
F Net key (JPN) None
Pin Code key (USA) None
M/E key (UK/SPAIN) None
FAX/TEL auto switch Yes
Detecting signal CNG
OGM1 Method Yes (with TAM)
Message Need to record (with TAM)
Language -
OGM2 Method None
Message None
Language None
P-Ci None
Auto RX w/o ring Yes
Built-in answering machine Yes (with TAM)/None
Method Digital
OGM Need to record (with TAM)
Message No. of messages 55(include OGM)
Recording time 10 minutes ( Total )
Answering machine Hook-up Yes (without TAM)
Detecting signal CNG
Remote reception Yes
Dialing Yes
Code 25 (Default)
On hook None
Extension phone hook-up Yes
BT (NTT) None
Wall Connection (GER, AST, SWI) Yes
Speakerphone None
Phone call at power failure None
Memory capacity 704 KB
Canon Standard Chart 50 pages
CCITT (ITU-T) No.1 Chart 50 pages
Storage Method Depend on receiving mode
Option None
Indicating amount of memory use None
Memory Back-up None
Back-up time None
Direct transmission Yes
Memory transmission Yes
Canon Standard Chart 50 pages
CCITT (ITU-T) No.1 Chart 50 pages
Quick memory TX None
Direct transmission when memory is full None
Dual access Semi dual access
Max. File No. Of reservation 30
Time sharing dial None
TX reservation Memory None
Direct None
Batch transmission by destination None
Polling TX None
Direct None
Memory None
Bulletin board function None
Sequential broadcasting Yes
Max. No. of destinations Max. 60
Delayed transmission Yes (One-Touch 03 key)
No. of destinations 60
No. of reservation 1
Batch transmission None
No. of destinations None
Time setting None
transmission None
Relay broadcasting command None
Password/ Sub address sending None
Sub address None
Selective polling None
Password None
Error retransmission None
Auto redial Yes
Times Variable
Interval Variable
Error redialing None


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