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  • Brand:   Hewlett-packard
  • Models included:
    • HP Color InkJet CP-1700

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   290
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  • SKU:   BMHP-1002

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product overviewproduct overviewproduct overviewproduct overview
Figure 1 - hp color inkjet printer cp1700
=Product positioning: High performance, wide-format printer providing the benefits of
individual color cartridges for small business
=Takes over the price points of the DJ 1220C with higher performance and
expandability options
=Printer price: USD 499
=Announcement date of the printer is Nov 1, 2001
=High speeds: 16 ppm black fast; 14.5 ppm color fast
=Designed for small business
=Prints on both A4/Letter and A3+/13X19" and B size paper and special media
=Prints cost-effective color documents, proofs, collateral, and comps on a wide variety of
=Prints automatically on both sides of the document using the auto-duplex unit
service and repairservice and repairservice and repairservice and repair
Table of contents
service and repair
run tests
Diagnostic Test : Output - LCD Panel
Diagnostic Test : Output - printout
Diagnostic Tests : No Output - (Action to be performed)
exploded view
repair flowchart
high failure rate parts
crew parts
Assy. Cleanout Trough SVC - C8108-67036
Assy. Tray main - C8108-67044
Assy. Output tray - C8108-67045
non V-coded parts
2nd bin SVC - C8108-67052
Assy. Door Main - C8108-67020
Assy. Access Door - C8108-67022
Cover LIO SVC - C8108-67014
Duplexer SVC - C8108-67053
Assy. Pick Roller SVC - C8108-67039
Case Left SVC - C8108-67016
Case Right SVC - C8108-67017
Bezel SVC - C8108-67015
Cover Key panel - C8108-67018
Assy. Lightpipe SVC and PCA Key panel - C8108-67021 & C8108-67007
Assy. Case Main SVC - C8108-67019
PCA Assy. Logic SVC - C8108-67005
PCA Power Supply SVC - C8108-67004
Assy. USB SVC- C8108-67006
PCA Duplexer Interconnect - C8108-67031
Assy. Service Station - C8108-67011
Assy. Ink Supply Station - C8108-67013
Base Absorber/Basin SVC - C8108-67003
Bottom Cover - Main Case SVC - C8108-67023
Holder-raceway/hanger SVC and Assy. Replaceable IDS SVC - C8108-67024 & C8108-67012 23
Encoder Strip - C8108-67010
troubleshooting power-on problems
troubleshooting printer initialization problems
troubleshooting LCD messages
print media problems
print media
troubleshooting the demo page
troubleshooting the demo page
clean printheads
change the ink cartridges
troubleshooting paper eject problems
troubleshooting paper eject problems
error codes
Recoverable error codes
troubleshooting problems with parts
troubleshooting unusual noises
troubleshooting setup issues
troubleshooting paper jams
print quality troubleshooting
troubleshooting power-on problems
troubleshooting printer initialization problems
troubleshooting print media problems
troubleshooting the demo page
troubleshooting paper eject problems
troubleshooting unusual noises
troubleshooting printer status
troubleshooting print quality issues
troubleshooting incorrect / incomplete content
troubleshooting connectivity problems
nonrecoverable error codes
Table of figures
exploded view
repair flowchart
Fig 5.84 troubleshooting power-on problems
Fig 5.85 troubleshooting printer initialization problems
Fig 5.86 troubleshooting LCD messages
Fig 5.87 troubleshooting paper feed problems
Fig 5.88 troubleshooting demo page
Fig 5.89 troubleshooting paper eject problems
Fig 5.90 troubleshooting unusual noises


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