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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Hewlett-packard
  • Models included:
    • HP Color LaserJet CM-1015MFP
    • HP Color LaserJet CM-1017MFP

File Information:

  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   242
  • File size:  ∼ 9.04  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMHP-1017

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HP Color LaserJet CM1015/CM1017 MFP
Service Manual
Table of contents
1 Product information
HP Color LaserJet CM1015/1017 MFP configurations
HP Color LaserJet CM1015/1017 MFP features
Software and supported operating systems
Media specifications
Media supported on this MFP
Select print media
Media that can damage the printer
Media to avoid
2 Installation
Site preparation
Operating environment
Minimum system requirements
Requirements for PC systems
Requirements for Macintosh systems
Package contents
Installing optional tray 3
Installing memory DIMMs
3 Managing and maintenance
Managing supplies
Life expectancies of supplies
Check and order supplies
Check supply status and order using the control panel
Check and order supplies using HP ToolboxFX
Check and order supplies using HP Solution Center
Storing supplies
Replacing and recycling supplies
HP policy on non-HP supplies
Reset the MFP for non-HP supplies
HP anti-counterfeit supplies Web site
Cleaning the MFP
Clean the
paper path using HP ToolboxFX
Clean the scanner glass
Calibrating the MFP
Calibrate the MFP from the front control panel.
ENWW iii
Calibrate the MFP from HP ToolboxFX
Management tools
Special pages
Demo page
Configuration page
Supplies Status page
Networking page (CM1017 only)
Fonts pages
Usage page
Service page
Menu map
HP ToolboxFX
Open HP ToolboxFX
Event log
Set up status alerts
Set up e-mail alerts
System settings
Device information
Paper handling
Print quality
Print density
Paper types
System setup
Device Polling Page
Print Settings
Memory card (HP Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP only)
Network settings
Other links found in HP ToolboxFX
Embedded Web server
Open the embedded Web server
Status tab
System tab
Print tab
Networking tab
............................................................................................... 44
4 Operational theory
Engine control system
Basic sequence of operation
Power-on sequence
Motors and fans
Main-motor failure detection (59.x errors)
Fan motor failure detection
Image formation system
Pickup and feed system
Manual feed slot pickup mechanism
Paper feed mechanism
Skew correction by the registration shutter
Jam detection
Printed circuit assembly locations
250-sheet tray solenoid and printed circuit locations
Scanner system
Scanner power-on sequence of events
Copy or scan-to-computer sequence of events
Service-only tools
General timing chart
Printer calibration
5 Removal and replacement
Service approach
Pre-service procedures
Post-repair tests
Removal and replacement procedures
Print cartridge replacement
ETB removal and replacement
Scanner removal and replacement
Face-up mechanism removal and replacement
Upper-cover assembly removal and replacement
Side cover removal and replacement
Fuser removal and replacement
Formatter removal and replacement
DC controller removal and replacement
Separation assembly removal and replacement
Paper-pickup roller removal and replacement
Control panel removal and replacement
Memory-card assembly removal and replacement (HP Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP
Memory-card-reader cover removal and replacement
Scanner lid removal and replacement
............................................ 103
6 Troubleshooting
Unpack/power-on checklist
Control-panel messages
Clearing jams
Where to look for jams
Clear jams from inside the MFP
Clear jams from tray output area
Clear jams from the back of the MFP
Clear jams from tray 2 or optional tray 3
E-Label-reader guide pin damage
Print problems
Print-quality problems
Identifying and correcting print defects
Print-quality checklist
General print-quality issues
Solve issues with printing color documents
Media-handling problems
Print-media guidelines
Solve print-media problems
Performance problems
Scan problems
Copy problems
Memory-card problems
Functional tests (SERVICE ONLY)
Engine-test print
Service mode functions (SERVICE ONLY)
Cold reset
Restore defaults
Cleaning mode
USB speed
Less paper curl
Archive print
NVRAM initialization
Continuous self-test
Scan calibration
Display test
Control-panel button test
Show FW version
Color calibration
Memory cards
Cleaning the ETB
....................................................................... 153
Troubleshooting tools
Device pages
Demo page
Configuration page
Supplies Status page
Error report
HP ToolboxFX
View HP ToolboxFX
Troubleshooting tab
Repetitive-image-defect ruler
Firmware and software updates
7 Parts and diagrams
Assembly locations
Upper Cover Assembly
Internal assemblies
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list
Appendix A Specifications
Multifunction peripheral (MFP) specifications
Appendix B Service and support
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
Print cartridge limited warranty statement
HP customer care
Availability of support and service
HP Care Packô Services and Service Agreements
Appendix C Regulatory information
FCC regulations
Environmental Product Stewardship program
Protecting the environment
Ozone production
Power consumption
HP LaserJet printing supplies
Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union
Material safety data sheet
Declaration of conformity
Country/region-specific safety statements
Laser safety statement
Canadian DOC statement
Korean EMI statement
VCCI statement (Japan)
Japanese Power Cord Statement
Finnish laser statement
ENWW vii
6 Troubleshooting
This troubleshooting information is organized to help you resolve printing problems. Choose the
general topic or type of problem from the following list.
Unpack/power-on checklist
Control-panel messages
Clearing jams
E-Label-reader guide pin damage
Print problems
Scan problems
Copy problems
Memory-card problems
Functional tests (SERVICE ONLY)
Service mode functions (SERVICE ONLY)
Troubleshooting tools
Repetitive-image-defect ruler
Firmware and software updates
ENWW 105


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