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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Hewlett-packard
  • Models included:
    • HP DesignJet T1100 24 (Q6683A)
    • HP DesignJet T1100 44 (Q6687A)
    • HP DesignJet T1100ps 24 (Q6684A)
    • HP DesignJet T1100ps 44 (Q6688A)
    • HP DesignJet T610 24 (Q6711A)
    • HP DesignJet T610 44 (Q6712A)
    • HP DesignJet T1120 24 (CK837A)
    • HP DesignJet T1120 44 (CK839A)
    • HP DesignJet T1120ps 24 (CK838A)
    • HP DesignJet T1120ps 44 (CK840A)

File Information:

  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   490
  • File size:  ∼ 31.17  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMHP-1042

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HP Designjet
Printer Series
Version 6
March 19, 2009
HP Designjet T Series Service Manual -1
Table of Contents 1
1 Troubleshooting
2 System Error Codes
3 Service Tests and Utilities
4 Service Calibrations
5 Parts and Diagrams
6 Removal and Installation
7 Preventive Maintenance
For information about Using this Manual, please refer to the next page.
HP Designjet T Series Service Manual 1-1
Using the Front Panel 1-3
General Troubleshooting 1-4
Introduction 1-4
Troubleshooting System Error Codes 1-4
Performing a Service Test on a failed Assembly 1-4
Performing the Necessary Service Calibrations 1-4
The Front Panel is blank 1-5
Solving Print Quality Problems 1-5
The Printer does not Power ON 1-5
The Printer Continuously Rejects Printheads 1-5
Cover Sensors are not Working 1-5
The Line Sensor has Problems Detecting Media 1-5
Banding at variable extreme environmental conditions 1-6
Worm marks on HP Coated media with light area fills 1-6
Solving Media-Handling Problems 1-7
Print quality troubleshooting 1-9
Print Quality Troubleshooting Actions 1-9
The Service Image Quality Diagnostic Print 1-9
Reading the Diagnostic Print Results 1-11
Diagnostic Part 1: Printhead Reliability 1-11
Diagnostic Part 2: Printhead Alignment 1-12
Diagnostic Part 3: Printheads & Paper Advance 1-13
The Advanced Diagnostic Prints 1-15
Reading the Advanced diagnostic Print Results 1-16
Troubleshooting Print Quality Problems 1-24
Print Quality General Advice 1-24
Horizontal Lines Across the Image (Banding) 1-25
Lines are Missing, Too Thin, or Too Thick 1-26
Problems with Stepped Lines 1-27
Lines are Printed Double or in Wrong Colors 1-27
Lines are discontinuous 1-28
Lines are Blurred (Ink Bleeds from Lines) 1-28
Problems with Graininess 1-29
Paper is not Flat 1-29
Ink marks on the paper 1-30
Horizontal smears on the front of coated paper 1-31
Ink marks on the back of the paper 1-31
Problems with the Edges of objects 1-32
Stepped or not sharp 1-32
Darker than expected 1-32
Black and white prints do not look neutral 1-32
Horizontal lines at the end of a cut sheet print 1-32
Vertical lines of different colors 1-32
White spots on the print 1-33
Troubleshooting 1
HP Designjet T Series Service Manual 1-2
Problems with Color Accuracy 1-33
Output Only Contains a Partial Print 1-34
Problems with Image Clipping 1-34
Some objects are missing from the printed image 1-35
A PDF file is clipped or objects are missing 1-35
Print Quality Troubleshooting Wizard 1-35
Ink Supplies Troubleshooting 1-39
Introduction to ink supplies 1-39
What are Ink Supplies? 1-39
Ink Cartridges 1-39
Available Ink Cartridges 1-40
Printheads 1-40
Available Printheads 1-41
General Information About the Ink Supplies 1-41
General Precautions When Handling Ink Supplies 1-41
When Should You Replace the Ink Supplies? 1-42
Ink Cartridge Levels, Information, and Replacement 1-42
Ink Cartridge Levels 1-42
“View Ink Levels” Direct Access Key 1-42
“View Ink Levels” from the ink menu 1-42
Obtaining Ink Cartridge Information 1-42
The printer consumes more gray ink ink than M, C, or Y 1-44
Changing an Ink Cartridge 1-44
Printhead Information, Replacement and Alignment 1-46
Obtaining Printhead Information 1-46
Changing a Printhead 1-47
Aligning Printheads 1-49
Reinsert Printheads Procedure 1-49
Image Quality Maintenance Procedure 1-49
Scanning errors during alignment 1-50
Ink Cartridge and Printhead Status Messages 1-50
Ink Cartridge Status Messages 1-50
Printhead status messages 1-51
Printhead Error Codes 1-51
Solving Ink Supplies Problems 1-53
You Cannot Insert the Ink Cartridge Into the Printer 1-53
You Cannot Insert the Printhead Into the Printer 1-53
The front panel says to reset or replace a printhead 1-53
Maintaining and Cleaning the Printheads 1-54
Clean the printheads 1-54
Flex Contacts Cleaning Tool 1-55
HP Designjet T Series Service Manual 1-3
Using the Front Panel
Using the Front Panel
Up and Down
Form Feed and Cut
Unload Paper
View Loaded Paper
View Ink Levels
Below is a diagram of the front panel.
Key Function
? Arrow Keys
Use the Arrow keys to scroll through a menu or toggle between YES or
en prompted.
? Cancel
Use the Cancel key to abort or stop a procedure or reject test results.
Use the OK key to select a menu option.
? Power
Use the Power key to turn the printer ON and OFF.
? Menu
Use the Menu key to enter the main menu.
? Back
Use the Back key to go back to the previous menu or reject test results.
Service Key Combinations
? Diagnostic mode
With the printer OFF, press and hold the UP and OK keys. While holding
the Up and OK k
eys down, press and hold the Power key to turn on the
printer. Hold all three keys until the Power key stops flashing, usually
about 5 seconds.
? Service Menu (Service Engineers Only)
From the main menu, press and hold the Up and Cancel keys.
? Service Menu (For users)
From the main menu, press and hold the Down and Cancel keys.
HP Designjet T Series Service Manual 5-1
Parts and Diagrams 4
Printer Support 5-2
Center Covers (Front) 5-4
Center Covers (Rear) 5-6
Right Cover 5-8
Left Cover 5-10
Right Hand Assemblies 5-12
Left Hand Assemblies 5-14
Carriage Assembly (T1100/T1100ps/T610) 5-16
Carriage Assembly (T1120/T1120ps) 5-18
Scan-Axis Assemblies (T1100/T1100ps/T610) 5-20
Scan-Axis Assemblies (T1120/T1120ps) 5-22
Paper Path Assemblies (Front) 5-24
Paper Path Assemblies (Rear) 5-26
Tool Kits 5-28
Miscellaneous Parts 5-30
New Formatter Design 5-31


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