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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Hewlett-packard
  • Models included:
    • HP LaserJet 1022
    • HP LaserJet 1022n
    • HP LaserJet 1022nw

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   163
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  • SKU:   BMHP-1047

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HP LaserJet 1022, 1022n, 1022nw
Service Manual
Table of contents
1 Product Information
Product configurations
HP LaserJet 1022 printer
HP LaserJet 1022n printer
HP LaserJet 1022nw printer
Overview of product
HP LaserJet 1022 series printers
Model and serial numbers
Hardware description
Firmware description
Product specifications
Physical specifications
Printer performance
Environmental specification
Electrical specifications
Acoustic emissions
Extended warranty
Print-cartridge information
Refilled print cartridges
Recycling print cartridges
Regulatory information
FCC compliance
Canadian DOC regulations
Korean EMI statement
Laser statement for Finland
2 Installation and Operation
Operating environment
Identifying the control-panel components
Media specifications
Supported media sizes
Guidelines for using media
Paper and transparencies
Common media problems table
Envelopes with double-side seams
Envelopes with adhesive strips or flaps
ENWW iii
Card stock and heavy media
Card-stock construction
Card-stock guidelines
Loading media
Main input tray
Priority feed slot
Specific types of media
Setting media types
Set the media type
3 Maintenance
Life expectancies of parts that wear
Cleaning the product
Cleaning the print path
Cleaning the print-cartridge area
Cleaning the pickup roller
User-replaceable parts
Replacing the pickup roller
Replacing the separation pad
Replacing the main input tray (paper-pickup tray assembly)
Replacing the output-bin extension (delivery-tray assembly)
Clearing jams
Typical media jam locations
Removing a jammed page
4 Operational overview
Basic functions
Formatter system
Central processing unit
USB interface
Control panel
Draft mode (EconoMode)
HP Memory Enhancement technology (MEt)
Enhanced I/O
Printer operation
Engine control system (engine control unit and power assembly)
Printer-engine-control system
Printer laser/scanner unit
Power system on the engine-power assembly
Image-formation system
The seven image-formation processes
Print cartridge
Printer-paper feed system
Jam detection
Conditions of jam detection
Solenoid, sensors, switches, and motor
Basic sequence of operation (formatter-to-printer)
5 Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Before performing service
Print cartridge
Parts removal order
User-replaceable parts
Replacing the pickup roller
Replacing the separation pad
Replacing the main input tray (paper-pickup tray assembly)
Replacing the output-bin extension (delivery-tray assembly)
Right-side cover
Left-side cover
Rear panel and top-cover assembly
Front cover
Internal assemblies
Transfer-roller assembly
Engine-power assembly
Fuser (fixing) assembly
Paper-pickup assembly
Engine control unit (ECU) assembly
Laser/scanner assembly
6 Troubleshooting
Basic troubleshooting
Basic troubleshooting
Reset the factory default settings (cold reset)
Control-panel pages
Control-panel lights
Control-panel light patterns
Clearing jams
Typical media jam locations
Removing a jammed page
Print-quality troubleshooting
Print-cartridge problems
Checking the print cartridge
To redistribute toner in the print cartridge
Solving print-quality problems
Solving paper-feed problems
Functional checks
Half self-test functional check
To perform a half self-test check
To perform other checks
Drum-rotation functional check
High-voltage-contacts check
To check the print-cartridge contacts
To check the printer high-voltage contacts
Troubleshooting tools
Repetitive-image-defect ruler
Circuit diagram
Solenoid, sensors, switches, and motor
7 Parts and diagrams
Ordering parts and supplies
Related documentation and software
Parts that wear
Accessories and consumables
Common hardware
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Printer exchange/parts
External covers and panel
Internal components
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list
List of tables
Table 1-1 Physical specifications
Table 1-2 Performance
Table 1-3 Environmental specifications
Table 1-4 Power requirements
Table 1-5 Power consumption (average, in watts)
Table 1-6 Acoustic emissions
Table 2-1 Media sizes
Table 3-1 Life expectancies of parts that wear
Table 4-1 Basic sequence of operation
Table 6-1 Basic troubleshooting
Table 6-2 Control-panel pages: time ranges
Table 6-3 Control-panel light patterns
Table 6-4 Solving print-quality problems
Table 6-5 Solving paper-feed problems
Table 7-1 Technical support websites
Table 7-2 Accessories
Table 7-3 Printer exchange
Table 7-4 External covers and panels
Table 7-5 Internal components (1 of 3)
Table 7-6 Internal components (2 of 3)
Table 7-7 Internal components (3 of 3)
Table 7-8 Paper-pickup assembly
Table 7-9 Alphabetical parts list
Table 7-10 Numerical parts list
ENWW vii


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