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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Hewlett-packard
  • Models included:
    • HP LaserJet 3390
    • HP LaserJet 3392

File Information:

  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   364
  • File size:  ∼ 39.62  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMHP-1063

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HP LaserJet 3390/3392
All-in-One Service Manual
Table of contents
1 All-in-one information
Quick access to all-in-one information
All-in-one configurations
All-in-one features
HP LaserJet 3390/3392 all-in-one
Interface ports
Control panel
Model and serial numbers
Software description
Supported drivers
Additional drivers
Software for Windows
Windows software components
HP ToolboxFX
Embedded Web server (EWS)
Software for Macintosh
Macintosh software components
HP Director
Macintosh Configure Device (Mac OS X V10.3 and Mac OS X V10.4)
PDEs (Mac OS X V10.3 and Mac OS X V10.4)
Uninstalling software
Media specifications
Supported media weights and sizes
Media to avoid
Media that can damage the all-in-one
2 Installation
Operating environment
Minimum system requirements
Installing input devices
ADF input tray
250-sheet input tray (tray 3)
Installing the control-panel faceplate
Loading media
Loading documents onto the flatbed scanner or into the ADF
Loading the single-sheet priority input slot (tray 1)
Loading tray 2 or optional tray 3
Installing accessories
Removing and replacing a DIMM
3 Maintenance
Managing supplies
Life expectancies of supplies and the all-in-one
Ordering supplies
Storing supplies
Replacing and recycling supplies
Replacing the print cartridge
Replacing the staple cassette
Replacing the tray 2 pickup roller
Replacing the tray 2 and optional tray 3 separation pad
Replacing the ADF pickup-roller assembly
HP policy on non-HP supplies
Resetting the all-in-one for non-HP supplies
HP fraud hotline
Cleaning the all-in-one
Cleaning the flatbed scanner glass
Cleaning the scanner-cover backing
Cleaning the tray 2 pickup roller
Cleaning the ADF pickup-roller assembly
Cleaning the print path
Managing the all-in-one
Information pages
Using the HP ToolboxFX
To view the HP ToolboxFX
Event log
Set up status alerts
Set up e-mail alerts
Fax tasks
Fax phone book
Fax send log
Fax receive log
Help (Documentation)
System settings
Device information
Paper handling
Print quality
Paper types
System setup
Device Polling
Print settings
Network settings
Using Macintosh Configure Device (Mac OS X V10.3 and Mac OS X V10.4)
Understanding the Embedded Web server
4 Theory of operation
Basic operation
Sequence of operation for the base unit
Internal components (base unit)
Engine control system
Laser/scanner system
Pickup/feed/delivery system
Image-formation system
Scanner and ADF functions and operation
Scanner functions
Scanner operation
ADF operation
ADF paper path and ADF sensors
ADF jam detection
Fax functions and operation
PSTN operation
To receive faxes when you hear fax tones
Distinctive ring function
The fax subsystem
Formatter in the fax subsystem
LIU in the fax subsystem
Safety isolation
Safety-protection circuitry
Data path
Hook state
Downstream current detection
Hook switch control
Ring detect
Line current control
Billing (metering) tone filters
Fax page storage in flash memory
Stored fax pages
Advantages of flash memory storage
5 Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Electrostatic discharge
User-replaceable parts
Required tools
Before performing service
After performing service
Post-service tests
ENWW vii
Test 1 (print-quality test)
Test 2 (copy-quality test)
Test 3 (fax-quality test)
Parts-removal order
Remove the print cartridge
External panels, covers, and doors
Right cover
Left cover
Print-cartridge door
Rear cover
Top cover
ADF assembly
Scanner assembly
Bezel and control panel
Internal assemblies
Convenience-stapler assembly (HP LaserJet 3392 only)
Convenience-stapler power supply (HP LaserJet 3392 only)
Convenience-stapler ac inlet cable (HP LaserJet 3392 only)
Convenience-stapler power supply bracket and strap (HP LaserJet 3392 only)
Power-switch PCA
Duplex assembly
Memory-tag-reader assembly
Duplex-drive gears
Duplex solenoid
Interlock assembly
Main motor
Pickup-and-feed assemblies
Transfer roller
Registration-roller assembly
Main gear assembly and tray 2 pickup solenoid
6 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting process
Troubleshooting checklist
Causes of jams
Tips to avoid jams
Where to look for jams
Jams in the print-cartridge area
Jams in the trays
Jams in the output bin
Jams in the straight-through output path
Jams in the duplex path
viii ENWW
Jams in the ADF
Jams in the convenience stapler (HP LaserJet 3392 only)
Control-panel messages
Alert and warning messages
Alert and warning message tables
Critical-error message-tables
Print problems
Print-quality problems
Improving print quality
Understanding print-quality settings
To temporarily change print-quality settings
To change print-quality settings for all future jobs
Identifying and correcting print defects
Print-quality checklist
General print-quality issues
Media-handling problems
Print-media guidelines
Solving print-media problems
Performance problems
Fax problems
Problems receiving faxes
Problems sending faxes
Voice-call problems
Media-handling problems
Performance problems
Copy problems
Preventing problems
Image problems
Media-handling problems
Performance problems
Scan problems
Solving scanned-image problems
Scan-quality problems
Preventing problems
Solving scan-quality problems
Scan-specific error messages
Control-panel display problems
Convenience-stapler problems (HP LaserJet 3392 only)
DSL problems
PABX line problems
ADF problems
Functional checks
Drum rotation test
Engine test
Half self-test functional check
To perform a half self-test check
To perform other checks
Heating element check
High-voltage contacts check
To check the print-cartridge contacts
To check the high-voltage connector assembly
Service-mode functions
NVRAM initialization
Secondary service menu
Troubleshooting tools
All-in-one pages and reports
Demo page
Configuration page
Supplies Status page
Fax reports
Fax activity log
Fax call report
Phone book report
Billing-code report
HP ToolboxFX
To view HP ToolboxFX
Troubleshooting tab
Service menu
Restoring the factory-set defaults
Cleaning the paper path
T.30 protocol trace
Archive print
Firmware updates and recovery
Firmware update by using a flash executable file
Firmware-recovery DIMM
7 Parts
Accessories and ordering information
Cable and interface accessories
Paper-handling accessories
Scanner/ADF replacement parts
Control-panel bezels
Supplementary documentation and support
Troubleshooting diagrams
Repetitive image defects
Interface connectors
Formatter connectors
Line interface unit (LIU)
Switches and sensors
Rollers and pads
PCAs (base unit)
Major components (base unit)
Scanner and ADF
Circuit diagram
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Types of screws
Scanner and ADF assemblies
Scanner components
ADF components
Convenience stapler components (HP LJ 3392 only)
Formatter, LIU, HP jewel, and nameplate
External covers and panels
Internal components (1 of 4)
Internal components (2 of 4)
Internal components (3 of 4)
Internal components (4 of 4)
Engine-controller assembly
Main-drive assembly
Duplexing-drive assembly
Tray 2 cassette and tray 3 cassette/feeder
Duplexing assembly
Fuser assembly
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list
Appendix A All-in-one specifications
Physical specifications
Supplies specifications
Electrical specifications
Power consumption
Environmental specifications
Acoustic emissions
Appendix B Warranty information
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
Print Cartridge Limited Warranty Statement
Extended warranty
Appendix C Regulatory statements
Declaration of conformity (HP LaserJet 3390, 3392, 3055, and 3050)
Country/region-specific safety statements
Laser safety statement
Canadian DOC statement
Korean EMI statement
Finnish laser statement
Japan power cord statement
Duplex solenoid
1. Remove the following components.
? Right cover. See
Right cover on page 114.
? Left cover. See
Left cover on page 116.
? Rear cover. See
Rear cover on page 120.
? Top cover. See
Top cover on page 122.
? Convenience-stapler power supply (HP LaserJet 3392 only). See
Convenience-stapler power
supply (HP LaserJet 3392 only) on page 132.
? Convenience-stapler bracket and strap (HP LaserJet 3392 only). See
power supply bracket and strap (HP LaserJet 3392 only) on page 135.
? Fan. See
Fan on page 148.
? Duplex-drive gears. See
Duplex-drive gears on page 150.
2. Disconnect one connector (callout 1; J211) at the ECU. Feed the wire-harness out of the all-in-one
and wire-harness guides.
Figure 5-51 Remove the duplex solenoid (1 of 2)
ENWW Internal assemblies 151
3. Remove one screw (callout 2) and lift the solenoid off of the all-in-one chassis.
NOTE The solenoid lever (callout 3) is not retained. Do not lose this lever.
Figure 5-52 Remove the duplex solenoid (2 of 2)
152 Chapter 5 Removal and replacement ENWW
Main-drive assembly
Figure 7-22 Main-drive assembly
294 Chapter 7 Parts ENWW


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