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  • Brand:   Kyocera-mita
  • Models included:
    • Kyocera-Mita FS-1000+
    • Kyocera-Mita FS-1000

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   200
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  • File Format:   PDF only
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  • SKU:   BMKT-1002

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Page printers
About the chapters
This manual contains informations pertaining to service and maintenance of the laser printers FS-
1000/1000+. This manual contains the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Product Information
Chapter 2: Installation/Operation
Chapter 3: Maintenance/Adjustments
Chapter 4: Operation Overview
Chapter 5: Disassembly
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting
Appendix A: Diagrams
Appendix B: Status Page
Appendix C: Interface
Chapter 1 Contents
1-1 Printer specifications
1-1-1 Specifications
(1) Engine
(2) Controller
(3) Weight and dimensions
(4) Power requirements
(5) Environmental requirements
1-2 Names of parts
1-2-1 Name of parts
1-3 Safety information
1-3-1 Safety information
(1) Laser safety
(2) Laser notice
(3) Laser caution label on the scanner unit
(4) CDRH regulations (U.S.A.)
(5) Ozone concentration
(6) FCC statement (U.S.A.)
(7) Optional equipment
(8) Important note on the interface connectors
(9) Canadian Department of Communications compliance statement
(10) Avis de conformité aux normes du ministère des Communications du Canada
(11) ISO 7779
1-4 Environmental requirements
1-4-1 Environmental conditions
(1) Clearance
(2) Places to avoid
(3) Note on power
(4) Removing the printer
1-5 About the toner container
1-5-1 Toner container
(1) Toner container handling
(2) Toner container storage
Chapter 2 Contents
2-1 Unpacking
2-1-1 Unpacking and inspection
2-2 Installing the printer
2-2-1 Installing the toner container
2-2-2 Expanding memory
(1) Minimum memory requirements
(2) DIMM specifications
(3) Notes on handling DIMM
(4) Installing the DIMM
(5) Testing the expansion memory
(6) Installing KPDL
Getting access to the KPDL ROM socket
2-3 Using the operator panel
2-3-1 Operator panel
2-3-2 Remote operation panel
Chapter 3 Contents
3-1 Maintenance/Adjustments
3-1-1 Life expectancy of modules
3-1-2 Toner container
(1) When to replace the toner container
(2) Notes on changing toner container
(3) Toner container replacement
(4) Toner saver mode (EcoPrint)
3-1-3 Cleaning the printer
(1) Cleaning the registration roller
(2) Cleaning the main charger wire
3-1-4 Updating the firmware
(1) Firmware data format
(2) Downloading controller firmware data
Chapter 4 Contents
4-1 Electrophotographic system
4-1-1 Electrophotographic cycle
Process unit mechanism
(1) Main charging
Photo conductive drum
Charging the drum
(2) Exposure
Laser scanner unit
Drum surface potential
(3) Development
(4) Transfer
(5) Fusing
Fuser unit mechanism
(6) Cleaning
4-2 Paper feeding system
4-2-1 Paper feed control
Paper feeding mechanism
4-3 Electrical control system
4-3-1 Electrical parts layout
4-3-2 Operation of circuit boards
(1) Main board
(2) Engine board
Eraser lamp control circuit
Heater lamp control circuit
Polygon motor control circuit
(3) Power supply board
(4) Bias board
(5) High voltage board
Interlock switch
Chapter 5 Contents
5-1 General instructions
5-1-1 Screw/hardware
5-1-2 Before starting disassembly
5-2 Disassembly
5-2-1 Removing the process unit
5-2-2 Removing the principal outer covers
(1) Removing the top cover/face-down output tray
(2) Removing the right cover
(3) Removing the left cover
5-2-3 Removing the feed roller
5-2-4 Removing the MP tray feed roller
5-2-5 Removing the transfer roller
5-2-6 Removing the principal circuit boards
(1) Removing the engine board
(2) Removing the main board
(3) Removing the power supply board and high voltage board
(4) Removing the bias board
5-2-7 Removing the main motor and drive unit
5-2-8 Removing and splitting the fuser unit
(1) Removing the separators
(2) Removing the heater lamp
(3) Removing the heat roller
(4) Removing the thermistor
(5) Removing the thermal cutout
(6) Removing the press roller
5-2-9 Removing the laser scanner unit and the eraser lamp
5-2-10 Removing the main charger unit
Chapter 6 Contents
6-1 Troubleshooting
6-1-1 Error messages
(1) Messages
Normal messages
Maintenance messages
Error messages
6-1-2 Service error indications
(1) D9 ?Waste toner full [Total page count less than 100,000 pages of printing]
(2) DA ?Waste toner full [Total page count more than 100,000 pages of printing]
(3) E1 ?Main motor error
(4) E2 ?Laser scanner unit [Polygon motor] error
(5) E3 ?Laser scanner unit [Pin photo diode] error
(6) E4 ?Fuser unit error
(7) E5 ?Eraser lamp error
(8) F1 ?Controller checksum error
(9) F2 ?Controller RAM read/write error
(10) F3 ?Controller system error
6-1-3 Print quality problems
(1) Completely blank printout
(2) All-black printout
(3) Dropouts
(4) Black dots
(5) Black horizontal streaks
(6) Black vertical streaks
(7) Unsharpness
(8) Gray background
(9) Dirt on the top edge or back of the paper
Repetitive defects gauge
6-1-4 Correcting a paper jam
(1) Jam at the face-down and face-up trays
(2) Jam at the paper cassette
(3) Jam inside the printer
6-1 Troubleshooting
This chapter explains procedures for identifying and correcting problems. Topics covered are:
6-1-1 Error messages
The printer indicates various messages using the LED indicators at its top. The indicators are lit,
fast flashing, slow flashing, and off in combination to describe a specific message. The following
diagram depicts these indicators and the control keys.
Figure 6-1-1 Indicators and control keys
For explanation on the basic function of the indicators and the keys, refer to pages 2-14.
On line indicator
Data indicator
Toner indicator
Cancel key
Paper empty/Paper jam indicator
REV. 1.42, Feb. 6, 2001
Ecosys Printer [12 ppm]
Parts Catalog
Contents A latest version of this catalog is readily available at the Kyocera ftp site. Please contact Kyocera Mita in this
For additional information and downloads, please visit
FRAME > page 4
DEVELOPER > page 5
DRIVE-UNIT > page 6
UPPER-FRAME > page 7
FUSER UNIT > page 8
Parts Catalog > pages 12 to 17


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