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  • Brand:   Kyocera-mita
  • Models included:
    • Kyocera-Mita TASKalfa-300i

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English (EN)
  • Number of pages:   477
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  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
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  • SKU:   BMKT-1051

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Published in February 2010
Rev. 1
TASKalfa 300i
1-1 Specifications
1-1-1 Specifications
1-1-2 Parts names
(1) Machine
(2) Operation panel
1-1-3 Machine cross section
1-2 Installation
1-2-1 Installation environment
1-2-2 Unpacking and installation
(1) Installation procedure
(2) Setting initial copy modes
1-2-3 Installing the key counter (option)
1-3 Maintenance Mode
1-3-1 Maintenance mode
(1) Executing a maintenance item
(2) Maintenance modes item list
(3) Contents of the maintenance mode items
1-3-2 Management mode
(1) Using the management mode
(2) Common Settings
(3) Copy Settings
(4) Sending Settings
(5) Document Box Settings
(6) Printer Settings
(7) Printing Reports/Sending Notice
(8) Adjustment/Maintenance
(9) Date/Timer
(10) Editing Destination (Address Book/Adding One Touch Keys)
(11) Internet Browser Setup
(12) Applications
(13) System Settings
(14) User Login Administration
(15) Job accounting
1-4 Troubleshooting
1-4-1 Paper misfeed detection
(1) Paper misfeed indication
(2) Paper misfeed detection conditions
(3) Paper misfeeds
1-4-2 Self-diagnosis
(1) Self-diagnostic function
(2) Self diagnostic codes
1-4-3 Image formation problems
(1) No image appears (entirely white)
(2) No image appears (entirely black)
(3) Image is too light.
(4) Background is visible
(5) A white line appears longitudinally.
(6) A black line appears longitudinally.
(7) A black line appears laterally
(8) One side of the copy image is darker than the other
(9) Black dots appear on the image
(10) Image is blurred
(11) The leading edge of the image is consistently misaligned with the original.
(12) The leading edge of the image is sporadically misaligned with the original
(13) Paper creases.
(14) Offset occurs.
(15) Image is partly missing
(16) Fusing is poor
(17) Image is out of focus.
(18) Image center does not align with the original center
1-4-4 Electric problems
1-4-5 Mechanical problems
1-4-6 Send error code
(1) Scan to SMB error codes
(2) Scan to FTP error codes
(3) Scan to E-mail error codes
(4) Network Twain error codes
(5) Software trouble error codes
1-5 Assembly and Disassembly
1-5-1 Precautions for assembly and disassembly
(1) Precautions
(2) Drum
(3) Toner
(4) How to tell a genuine Kyocera Mita toner container
1-5-2 Paper feed section
(1) Detaching and refitting the forwarding, paper feed and separation pulleys
(2) Detaching and refitting the MP separation, MP paper feed and MP forwarding pulleys
1-5-3 Optical section
(1) Detaching and refitting the exposure lamp
(2) Detaching and refitting the scanner wires
(2-1) Detaching the scanner wires
(2-2) Fitting the scanner wires
(3) Detaching and refitting the ISU (reference)
(4) Detaching and refitting the laser scanner unit
(5) Adjusting the position of the ISU (reference)
1-5-4 Drum section
(1) Detaching and refitting the drum unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the main charger unit
(3) Detaching and refitting the drum separation claws
1-5-5 Developing section
(1) Detaching and refitting the developing unit
1-5-6 Transfer section
(1) Detaching and refitting the transfer roller unit
1-5-7 Fuser section
(1) Detaching and refitting the fuser unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the heat roller separation claws
(3) Detaching and refitting the press roller
(4) Detaching and refitting the fuser heater
(5) Detaching and refitting the heat roller
(6) Detaching and refitting the fuser thermistor 1
(7) Detaching and refitting the fuser thermistor 2
(8) Detaching and refitting the fuser thermostats 1 and 2
(9) Adjusting front position of the fuser unit (adjusting lateral squareness)
1-5-8 Others
(1) Detaching and refitting the ozone filter 1
(2) Detaching and refitting the ozone filter 2
(3) Detaching and refitting the hard disk
(4) Direction of installing the principal fan motors
1-6 Requirements on PWB Replacement
1-6-1 Upgrading the firmware
1-6-2 Adjustment-free variable resistors (VR)
1-6-3 Remarks on main and engine PWB replacement
2-1 Mechanical construction
2-1-1 Paper feed section
(1) Cassette paper feed section
(2) MP tray paper feed section
2-1-2 Main charging section
2-1-3 Optical section
(1) Image scanner section
(2) Laser scanner section
2-1-4 Developing section
(1) Single component developing system
2-1-5 Transfer and separation sections
2-1-6 Cleaning and charge erasing sections
2-1-7 Fuser section
2-1-8 Eject and switchback sections
2-1-9 Duplex section
(1) Paper conveying operation in duplex copying
2-2 Electrical Parts Layout
2-2-1 Electrical parts layout
(1) PWBs
(2) Switches and sensors
(3) Motors
(4) Clutches and solenoids
(5) Other electrical components
2-3 Operation of the PWBs
2-3-1 Power source PWB
2-3-2 Engine PWB
2-3-3 Main PWB
2-3-4 Scanner PWB
2-3-5 Main operation PWB
2-4 Appendixes
Maintenance parts list
Maintenance kits
Periodic maintenance procedures
Chart of image adjustment procedures
Wiring diagram No.1
Wiring diagram No.2
Wiring diagram No.3
Wiring diagram No.4
Wiring diagram No.5
Wiring diagram No.6
FAX System
This page is intentionally left blank.
1-1 Specifications 1-1-1 Specifications
Printing method
Supported original types
Maximum original size: A3/Ledger
Original feed system
Paper weight
MP tray : 45 to 200 g/m2
Paper type
Prepunched, Letterhead, Thick, High Quality, Custom 1 to 8
(Duplex: Same as Simplex)
MP tray: Plain, Transparency (OHP film), Rough, Vellum, Labels, Recycled,
Preprinted, Bond, Cardstock (Hagaki), Color (Colour), Prepunched,
Letterhead, Thick, Envelope, High Quality, Custom 1 to 8
Paper size
Oficio II, 8.5 x 13.5", Folio, 8K, 16K, 16KR
MP tray: A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5R, B6R, A6R, Ledger, Legal, Letter, LetterR,
ExecutiveR, Statement, Oficio II, 8.5 x 13.5", Folio, 8K, 16K, 16KR,
Postcards (100 x 148 mm), Return postcard (148 x 200 mm),
Envelope DL, Envelope C5, Envelope C4, Envelope #10 (Commercial #10),
Envelope #9 (Commercial #9), Envelope #6 (Commercial #6 3/4), Monarch,
ISO B5, Youkei 2, Youkei 4
Zoom level
Auto mode: Preset zoom
Printing speed
A4R/LetterR: 22 sheets/min.
A3/Ledger: 15 sheets/min.
B4/Legal: 15 sheets/min.
B5: 30 sheets/min.
B5R: 20 sheets/min.
A5R: 14 sheets/min.
First copy time
Warm-up time
Power on: 29 s or less
Low power mode:10 s or less
Sleep mode: 15 s or less
Paper capacity
MP tray : 200 sheets (80 g/m2)
Output tray capacity
When built-in finisher installed: 100 sheets (80 g/m2)
When job separator installed: 150 sheets (80 g/m2)
Continuous copying
Light source
Scanning system
Image write system
Charging system
Developing system
Developer: 1-component, magnetism toner
Toner replenishing: automatic from a toner container
Transfer system
Separation system
Cleaning system
Charge erasing system
Fusing system
Heat source: halogen heaters
Abnormally high temperature protection devices: thermostats
Main memory
Maximum: 2048 MB
Hard disk
USB memory slot: 2 (Full-speed USB)
Network interface: 1 (10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX)
Optional interface: 2 (KUIO/W)
Operating environment
Humidity: 15 to 80% RH
Altitude: 2500 m/8,202 ft maximum
Brightness: 1500 lux maximum
22 7/16" (W) x 24 13/16" (D) x 30 3/16" (H) (main unit only)
Space required
28 9/16" (W) x 24 13/16" (D) (using MP tray)
Power source
220 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 6.5 A
key counter, fax kit, expansion memory, internet fax kit, data security kit and printed
document guard kit
Printer functions
Printing speed
First print time
Operating system
Windows Vista, Apple Macintosh OS 10.x
Network interface: 1 (10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX)
Page description language
Scanner functions
Operating system
System requirements
RAM 128 MB or more
File format
PDF (high compression)
Scanning speed
Single-sided: B/W: 50 images/min, Color: 15 images/min
Network protocol
Transmission system
FTP Scan to FTP, FTP over SSL
E-mail transmission SMTP Scan to E-mail
Twain scan
WIA scan
NOTE: These specifications are subject to change without notice.
1-1-2 Parts names
(1) Machine
Figure 1-1-1
7 89 10
1. Original cover (option)
2. Original size indicator plates
3. Clip holder
4. Slit glass
5. Attention indicator
6. Receive indicator
7. Left cover 1
8. Left cover 1 lever
9. Left cover 2
10. Left cover 2 handle
11. Contact glass
12. Operation panel
13. Cassette 1
14. Cassette 2
15. Duplex unit
Published in April 2010
TASKalfa 300i
1. Indicate parts number and parts description together with the machine model name when placing an order.
e.g. Parts Number Parts Name Machine Model Quantity
302K504010 COVER FRONT TASKalfa300i 1
2. Symbols in the "Parts Number" column.
Parts with "" are component parts or sub-assemblies of the assembly appearing immediately above them.
e.g. Parts Number Parts Name Parts Number Parts Name
302K534140 EMBLEM LOGO
Parts with "" are component parts or sub-assembly with "" appearing immediately above them.
e.g. Parts Number Parts Name Parts Number Parts Name
Parts with " " indicate regular maintenance parts.
FIG. 1 Covers
FIG. 2 Frames
FIG. 3 Paper Cassettes
FIG. 4 Paper Feed Section 1
FIG. 5 Paper Feed Section 2
FIG. 6 Paper Feed Section 3
FIG. 7 Paper Feed Section 4
FIG. 8 Paper Conveying Section 1
FIG. 9 Paper Conveying Section 2
FIG. 10 Scanner Section 1
FIG. 11 Scanner Section 2
FIG. 12 Image Formation Section
FIG. 13 Developing Section
FIG. 14 Fuser Section
FIG. 15 Drive Section 1
FIG. 16 Drive Section 2
FIG. 17 Cooling Section
FIG. 18 Duplex Section
FIG. 19 Exit Section 1
FIG. 20 Exit Section 2
FIG. 21 Electrical Components 1
FIG. 22 Electrical Components 2
FIG. 23 Operation Section
FIG. 24 Options 1
FIG. 25 Options 2
FIG. 26 Options 3 & Tools
FIG. 27 Maintenance Kits
FIG. 1 Covers
102 102


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