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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Lexmark
  • Models included:
    • Lexmark 4039-10R
    • Lexmark 4039-12R
    • Lexmark 4039-12L
    • Lexmark 4039-12C
    • Lexmark 4039-16L

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   188
  • File size:  ∼ 5.40  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMLK-1003

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LaserPrinter 4039 Series
Lexmark is a trademark of Lexmark
International, Inc., registered in the
United States and/or other countries.
Table of Contents
Safety and Notices
Start Diagnostics
Main Menu
Start Diagnostics
Table of Contents iii
Table of Contents
Notices and Safety Information
Electronic Emission Notices
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Statement
Industry Canada Compliance Statement
The United Kingdom Telecommunications Act 1984
European Community (EC) Electromagnetic Compatibility
German Statement of Acoustic Emissions
Safety Information
Ozone Information
General Information
Models Covered in this Manual
IBM Models
Lexmark Model
Maintenance Approach
Unique Tools Required For Service
Diagnostic Information
4039 Diagnostics: Failures With Error Codes
Power-On Self Test (POST)
iv Service Manual
Symptom Table
Black Page
Blank Page
Blurred or Fuzzy Print
Dead Machine
Fan (927 Error)
Fuser Theory
Fuser: 920, 921, or 922 Error
Fuser: 923 Error
Horizontal Void or Streak
LAN Problems
Light Print
Network Card 977 Errors
Network Wrap Tests
Output Bin Sensor
Operator Panel Problem
Paper Feed Problem, 500-Sheet Second Tray
Paper Feed, Base Printer
Paper Feed, Duplex Unit
Paper Feed Problem, Envelope+ Feeder/
100-Sheet Auxiliary Feeder
Paper Size Sensing Problem
Regularly Spaced Marks
Residual Image
Random Marks
Skew, all edges
Skew, top and bottom only
Stalled (diamonds on display)
Vertical Void or Streak
Table of Contents v
Diagnostic Aids
Diagnostics Mode
Grouped Diagnostic Aids
Alphabetical List of Diagnostic Aids
Auto Clean
Auto Clean Delay
Auto Clean Frequency
Developed Image Test
Disk Test/Clean
Duplex Feed 1 Test
Duplex Feed 2 Test
Envelope Enhance
Envelope Print Test
Error Log (“plus” machines only)
Fuser Temperature And Warm-Up Time
Fuser Temperature
Warm-up Time
Maintenance Kit Count
Memory Test
Operator Panel Tests
Button Test
LCD Test
Page Count
Paper Feed Test
Permanent Page Count
Print Contrast (Transfer on “plus” machines)
Print Registration
Print Test Page
Print Tests
Print Test 1
Print Test 2
Print Test 3
Quick Disk Test
Quick Test
Sensor Test
vi Service Manual
Network Connections and Checks
Wrap Tests
LAN Information
Serial Interface Option, 10P
Function Switch Setting
Repair Information
Handling ESD-sensitive Parts
Envelope Restraint Spring On The Envelope+ Feeder
Paper Restraint Spring On The 100-sheet
Auxiliary Feeder
Envelope Feeder Magnet And 100-sheet
Auxiliary Feeder Magnet
Fuser Drive Gear Backlash
Fuser Solenoid
Paper Feed Magnet
Optional Paper Feed Magnet
Printhead Skew - Level 1
Printhead Skew - Level 2
Print Registration Adjustment
Right Cover Removal
Front Cover Removal
Left Cover Removal
Top Cover Removal
Transfer Roll Removal
D-roll Assembly Removal
Drive Motor Removal
Fan/Redrive Removal
Fuser Removal
Fuser Input Guide Removal
Fuser Lamp Removal
Fuser Solenoid Removal
Fuser Thermistor Removal
HVPS Removal
Input Sensor Removal
Lower Frame Assembly Removal
LVPS Removal
LVPS Cover Removal
Table of Contents vii
Removals (continued)
Operator Panel Removal
Option Card Removal
Exit Sensor Removal
Paper Feed Magnet Assembly Removal
Paper Feed Rollers Removal
Paper Size Switch Removal
Printhead Removal
System Board Removal
System Cable Removal
Fuser/Sensor Cable Removal
Torquer Motor Removal (10P)
Toner Sensor Removal
Transfer Roll Housing Removal
Upper Frame Removal
Zif Connector Removal
Duplex Option Top Cover And Table Cover Removal
Duplex Option Exit Card And Cover Removal
Duplex Option Bottom Cover And
Entry Sensor Card Removal
Duplex Option System Card And Motor Removal
Connector Locations
Major Assembly Locations
Gear Train
Transfer Roller Housing
System Cable
System Board Connectors 10R/12R/12L
System Board Connectors 16L
System Board Connectors 10P
Printhead Cables
Mirror Motor Cable/Fan Cable
Operator Panel/Output Bin Sensor Cable
Handle-Mounted Outbin Sensor
Operator Panel/Output Bin Sensor Cable
Redrive-Mounted Outbin Sensor
Printer Ground Straps
viii Service Manual
Preventive Maintenance
Safety Inspection Guide
Lubrication Specifications
Printhead Window Cleaning Procedure
Cleaning The Transfer Roller
Scheduled Mechanical Maintenance
Parts Catalog
How To Use This Parts Catalog
Assembly 1: Covers
Assembly 2: Lower Frame
Assembly 3: Upper Frame
Assembly 4: Printhead
Assembly 5: Paper Feed
Assembly 6: Paper Feed Alignment Gears
Assembly 7: Paper Feed Drive
Assembly 8: Standard Paper Tray (200 sheet)
Assembly 9: Paper Tray (500-Sheet)
Assembly 10: Base for Paper Drawer (500-Sheet)
Assembly 11: Optional Paper Drawer (500-Sheet)
Assembly 12: Fuser
Assembly 13: Electronics
Assembly 14: Transfer Roll
Assembly 15: Duplex Option
Assembly 16: Envelope+ and 100-Sheet
Auxiliary Feeder
Assembly 17: Options
Assembly 18: Miscellaneous
Parts Catalog 125
Assembly 1: Covers


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