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  • Brand:   Panasonic
  • Models included:
    • Panasonic DP-2000
    • Panasonic DP-2500
    • Panasonic DP-3000

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English (EN)
  • Number of pages:   1336
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Order Number: MGCS010301C0
Digital Copier

Table of Contents
Specifications Table
1.1. Copy Function
1.2. Fax, Printer and Internet Fax Functions .17
1.3. System Combination
1.4. Options List
1.5. External View
1.6. Assembling Figure
1.7. Control Panel
1.8. Fans and Motors
1.9. Sensors
1.10. Clutches and Switches
1.11. PC Boards
Disassembly Instructions
2.1. General Disassembly Flowchart
2.2. Disassembly Instructions
2.3. Screw Identification Template
Maintenance, Adjustments
and Check Points
3.1. Required Tools
3.2. Periodic Maintenance Points
3.3. Periodic Maintenance Check List
3.4. Updating the Firmware
3.5. Glossary of Electrical Abbreviations
3.6. SC PC Board
3.7. PNL1 PC Board
3.8. PNL2 PC Board
3.9. PNL3 PC Board
3.10. PNL4 PC Board
3.11. SCN PC Board
3.12. LPC PC Board
3.13. ADF PC Board
3.14. EP PC Board
3.15. CONS PC Board (For DP-3000 Only) ..243
3.16. CCD PC Board
3.17. FXB PC Board
3.18. PRIF PC Board
3.19. LCU/LCE PC Board
3.20. SRU PC Board
3.21. LSU PC Board
3.22. SORT PC Board
3.23. HTC PC Board
3.24. HTC2 PC Board
3.25. HCE PC Board (For 200V only)
3.26. HVPS
3.27. Main LVPS PC Board
3.28. Option LVPS PC Board
3.29. ILS PC Board
3.30. EXFD PC Board
3.31. INV PC Board
3.32. IPC PC Board
3.33. SDRM PC Board
3.34. SNS PC Board
3.35. Finisher Unit
3.36. CST2 PC Board
3.37. CST3 PC Board
3.38. G3B PC Board
3.39. LANB PC Board
3.40. LANC PC Board
4.1. Initial Troubleshooting Flowchart
4.2. Improper LCD Display
4.3. Information Codes (INFO. CODES)
4.4. Printed Copy Quality Problems
4.5. Document Feeder (ADF)
4.6. Communications
4.7. Troubleshooting the LAN Interface
4.8. Error Codes (For Copier)
4.9. Information Codes Table
(For Facsimile)
4.10. Diagnostic Codes (For Facsimile)
4.11. Troubleshooting
(For PCL 6 Emulation Kit)
Service Modes
5.1. Service Modes (For Copier)
5.2. Service Modes (For Fax)
System Description
6.1. Mechanical Operation
6.2. Automatic Document Feeder
6.3. Receive Mechanism
6.4. Electrical Circuit Explanation
Exploded View & Parts List
7.1. Country Codes
7.2. Control Panel Unit
7.3. Scanner Unit
7.4. Electrical Parts
7.5. Frame Parts
7.6. Cover Assembly
Table of Contents
7.7. Stand for 1-4 Paper Tray Configuration527
7.8. Cartridge Unit
7.9. Paper Tray
7.10. Drive Unit
7.11. Fuser Unit
7.12. Paper Feed Module
7.13. Paper Transportion
7.14. Paper Transport Unit
7.15. Automatic Duplex Unit
7.16. Dual-Path Exit Guide Unit
7.17. Inverting Automatic Document
Feeder (1/3)
7.18. Inverting Automatic Document
Feeder (2/3)
7.19. Inverting Automatic Document
Feeder (3/3)
7.20. PC Boards/ Harnesses
7.21. 1-Bin Finisher (1/9)
7.22. 1-Bin Finisher (2/9)
7.23. 1-Bin Finisher (3/9)
7.24. 1-Bin Finisher (4/9)
7.25. 1-Bin Finisher (5/9)
7.26. 1-Bin Finisher (6/9)
7.27. 1-Bin Finisher (7/9)
7.28. 1-Bin Finisher (8/9)
7.29. 1-Bin Finisher (9/9)
7.30. Packing and Accessories
7.31. 1-Bin Finisher Packing and
7.32. 2nd/3rd/4th Paper Feed Module
7.33. ADF Packing and Accessories
7.34. Automatic Document Feeder (1/3)
7.35. Automatic Document Feeder (2/3)
7.36. Automatic Document Feeder (3/3)
7.37. PCL6 Emulation Kit
7.38. 10/100 Ethernet Interface/Internet
Fax Kit
7.39. Fax Communication Kit
7.40. Parallel Pt Interface Kit
7.41. Stand Hardware (For USA Only)
8.1. Precautions During Set Up
8.2. Unpacking
8.3. Installation Procedure
8.4. Adjustment
Options and Supplies
9.1. Installing the Electronic Sorting Board
(DA-ES200) [For DP-2000 only]
9.2. Installing the Fax Communication Kit
9.3. Installing the 2nd G3 Fax Communication
Port Kit (DA-FG231)
9.4. Installing the 10/100 Ethernet Interface /
Internet Fax Kit (DA-NE200)
9.5. Installing the Handset Kit (UE-403171/
UE-403172) and the Handset
Mounting Kit (UE-408004-AU)
9.6. Installing the Parallel Port Interface Kit
9.7. Installing the PCL6 Emulation Kit
9.8. Installing the Sorting Image Memory
8/16/128 MB (DA-SM08B/16B/28B)
9.9. Installing the Expansion Flash Memory
Card 4/8 MB (UE-410047/410048)
9.10. Installing the Platen Cover (DA-UC200)643
9.11. Installing the Automatic Document
Feeder and the Inverting Automatic
Document Feeder (DA-AS200/AR250) 644
9.12. Installing the Stand for 1-Paper Tray
Configuration (DA-DA200-PA)
9.13. Installing the Stand for 2-Paper Tray
Configuration (DA-DA210-PA)
9.14. Installing the 3rd Paper Feed Module
and the Stand for 3-Paper Tray
(DA-DS210/DS215, DA-DA220-PA)
9.15. Installing the 2nd/4th Paper Feed Module
(DA-DS200) [For DP-2000/2500 Only] and
the Stand for 4-Paper Tray
Configuration (DA-DA230-PA)
9.16. Installing the 2nd/4th Paper Feed Module
and the Stand for 4-Paper Tray
(DA-DS205, DA-DA230-PA)
9.17. Installing the Plain Stand (DA-D250) :
For USA only
9.18. Installing the Base Plate with Casters
(DA-D200) : For USA only
9.19. Installing the Plain Cabinet (DA-DE200) :
For USA only
9.20. Installing the Dual-Path Exit Guide Unit
9.21. Installing the Paper Transport Unit
9.22. Installing the Automatic Duplex Unit
Table of Contents
9.23. Installing the Exit Tray [Inner]
9.24. Installing the Exit Tray [Outer]
9.25. Installing the 1-Bin Finisher
(DA-FS200/FS205, DA-FS200S)
9.26. Replacing the EP-ROM on the
1-Bin Finisher (DA-FS200-PUA)
9.27. Installing the Dehumidifier Heater Kit
9.28. Installing the Key Counter Cable Kit
9.29. Replacing the OPC Drum
10.1. Overview
10.2. Operations
10.3. Maintenance
10.4. Troubleshooting
General Network Information
11.1. Network Protocol
11.2. Layer Functions and Technology
11.3. Network Layer
11.4. Transport Layer
11.5. Upper Layer
11.6. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) .823
11.7. ITU T.37 and RFC2305
11.8. Communication Protocols
11.9. POP (Post Office Protocol Version 3)
11.10.Troubleshooting from a PC
11.11.Verifying the Configuration and Mail
Account Type (SMTP or POP)
Schematic Diagram
12.1. General Circuit Diagram System
12.2. General Circuit Diagram Printer
12.3. SC PC Board
12.4. LPC PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
12.5. LPC PC Board (DP-3000)
12.6. FXB PC Board
12.7. SORT PC Board
12.8. ADF PC Board
12.9. CONS PC Board
12.10.CCD PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
12.11.CCD PC Board (DP-3000)
12.12.CST2 PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
12.13.CST2 PC Board (DP-3000)
12.14.CST3 PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
12.15.CST3 PC Board (DP-3000)
12.16.EXFB PC Board
12.17.ILS PC Board
12.18.LFB PC Board
12.19.PNL1 PC Board
12.20.PNL2 PC Board
12.21.PNL3 PC Board
12.22.PNL 4 PC Board
12.23.PRIF PC Board
12.24.SCN PC Board
12.25.SDRM PC Board
12.26.SNS PC Board
12.27.PDL PC Board
12.28.G3B PC Board
12.29.LANB PC Board
12.30.LANC PC Board
12.31.LCU PC Board
12.32.LCE PC Board
12.33.SRU PC Board
12.34.HTC PC Board
12.35.HCE PC Board
12.36.MAIN LVPS PC Board (100V)
12.37.MAIN LVPS PC Board (200V)
12.38.OPTION LVPS PC Board (100V)
12.39.OPTION LVPS PC Board (200V)
12.40.Finisher Unit General Circuit Diagram.. 982
12.41.Finisher Controller Circuit Diagram
Digital Copier
Please file and use this manual together with the service manual for Model No. DP-2000/2500/3000, Order No.
2001 Matsushita Graphic Communication Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and distribution is
a violation of law.
The contents of this Technical Guide are subject to change without notice.
Published in Japan.
Table of Contents
System Description
1.1. Electrical Circuit Explanation
1.2. Power On Initial Flow Chart
Schematic Diagram
2.1. General Circuit Diagram
System Circuit
2.2. General Circuit Diagram
Printer Circuit
2.3. SC PC Board
2.4. LPC PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
2.5. LPC PC Board (DP-3000)
2.6. FXB PC Board
2.7. SORT PC Board
2.8. ADF PC Board
2.9. CONS PC Board (DP-3000)
2.10. CCD PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
2.11. CCD PC Board (DP-3000)
2.12. CST2 PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
2.13. CST2 PC Board (DP-3000)
2.14. CST3 PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
2.15. CST3 PC Board (DP-3000)
2.16. EXFB PC Board
2.17. ILS PC Board
2.18. LFB PC Board
2.19. PNL1 PC Board
2.20. PNL2 PC Board
2.21. PNL3 PC Board
2.22. PNL4 PC Board
2.23. PRIF PC Board
2.24. SCN PC Board
2.25. SDRM PC Board
2.26. SNS PC Board
2.27. EP PC Board
2.28. G3B PC Board
2.29. FRM PC Board
2.30. LANB PC Board
2.31. LANC PC Board
2.32. LCU PC Board
2.33. LCE PC Board
2.34. SRU PC Board
2.35. HTC PC Board
2.36. HCE PC Board
2.37. RLB PC Board
2.38. MAIN LVPS PC Board (100V)
2.39. MAIN LVPS PC Board (200V)
2.40. OPTION LVPS PC Board (100V)
2.41. OPTION LVPS PC Board (200V)
2.42. Finisher Unit General Circuit
2.43. Finisher Controller Circuit Diagram
Electrical Circuit Diagram & Parts List
3.1. Country Codes
3.2. SC PC Board (DP-2000)
3.3. SC PC Board (DP-2500/3000)
3.4. LPC PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
3.5. LPC PC Board (DP-3000)
3.6. FXB PC Board
3.7. SORT PC Board
3.8. ADF PC Board
3.9. iADF PC Board
3.10. CONS PC Board (DP-3000)
3.11. CST2 PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
3.12. CST2 PC Board (DP-3000)
3.13. CST3 PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
3.14. CST3 PC Board (DP-3000)
3.15. EXFD PC Board
3.16. ILS PC Board
3.17. LFB PC Board
3.18. PNL1 PC Board
3.19. PNL2 PC Board
3.20. PNL3 PC Board
3.21. PNL4 PC Board
3.22. PRIF PC Board
3.23. SCN PC Board (DP-2000/2500)
3.24. SCN PC Board (DP-3000)
3.25. SDRM PC Board (8MB)
3.26. SDRM PC Board (16MB)
3.27. SDRM PC Board (128MB)
3.28. SNS PC Board
3.29. EP PC Board
3.30. G3B PC Board
3.31. LANB PC Board
3.32. LANC PC Board
3.33. LCU PC Board
3.34. LCE PC Board
3.35. SRU PC Board
3.36. HTC PC Board
3.37. HTC2 PC Board
3.38. HCE PC Board
3.39. RLB PC Board
Table of Contents
3.40. FRM PC Board
3.41. MAIN LVPS PC Board (100V)
3.42. MAIN LVPS PC Board (200V)
3.43. OPTION LVPS PC Board (100V)
3.44. OPTION LVPS PC Board (200V)
3 Electrical Circuit Diagram & Parts List
3.1. Country Codes
1. This parts list is provisional issue for each countries. Please contact local Panasonic company to get
correct part number.
2. Important safety notice
Components identified by mark have special characteristics important for safety.
When replacing any of these components, use only manufacturer ’s specified parts.
AA Austria ED Egypt
AB England EE Italy
AC Canada YA Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina,
Brazil (200 VAC) AD Denmark
AE Taiwan YB Berkele
AF Finland YC Universal 200 VAC Version
AG Germany YE Indonesia
AH Netherlands YF Poland
AJ Spain YG Greece
AK Hong Kong YH Hungary
AL Australia YJ Czechoslovakia
AM Switzerland YM Malaysia
AN Norway YN Philippines, India
AP Portugal YR Russia
AQ Ireland YS Saudi Arabia
AR Belgium YT Thailand
AS Sweden YU U.A.E.
AT Turkey YV China
AU USA, Puerto Rico YW South Africa
AV France YX Singapore
AW New Zealand YY Mexico, Panama, Brazil (100 VAC)


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