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  • Brand:   Samsung
  • Models included:
    • Samsung Color Laser CLP-500
    • Samsung Color Laser CLP-500N

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   206
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1. Precautions
2. Reference Information
3. Specifications
4. Summary of product
5. System Outline
6. Disassembly and Reassembly
7. Alignment and Adjustments
8. Troubleshooting
9. Exploded Views and Parts List
10. Block Diagram
11. Connection Diagram
Chapter 8. Troubleshooting
Samsung Electronics
Traninung Manual
8.1.1 Basic Check List
1. Check the Power.
• Does "Warming Up" appear on the display?
--> If not check power cable, switch or SMPS. (see section 8.1.2 below)
--> Does the wall socket work?
• Do the Motors or other components initialize (listen for main motor, fan and LSU sounds)?
--> If not or there are none of the normal startup sounds check cable, switch or SMPS.
--> Does the wall socket work?
2. Check the LCD Panel.
• Is there any display at all?
--> If not check power cable, switch or SMPS. (see section 8.1.2 below)
--> Does the wall socket work?
• Is the display a meaningful message (are there any broken or badly formed characters)?
--> Check the main PBA and cable harness.
• Is the message on the LCD Panel a standard error message?
--> Refer to section 8.4 or 8.5 (Page 8-14 or 8-18).
3. Check the Paper Path
• Is there a Paper Jam?
--> Remove any paper fragments caught in the paper path.
--> Refer to section 8.3 (Page 8-10).
• Paper Jam occurs repeatedly at a specific point in the Paper Path
--> Dismantle the machine and carefully inspect the region where the jam occurs.
(Especially, check if paper fragments are caught in the Fuser
4. Print the Information Page (Configuration).
• Is there a problem?
--> If there is an error see section 2) or 3) above.
• Try printing a test page from a computer.
--> If there is an error check cables and driver installation.
5. Check the Print Quality.
•Is there are a Print Quality Problem?
--> Refer to section 8.2 (Page 8-5).
6. Check consumables (toner etc.).
•Using the keys print the Information Page.
--> Refer to 8.1.4 below and to section 3.5 (Page 3-3) for expected life of various consumable parts, compare this with
the figures printed and replace as required
9-1 Samsung Electronics
Service Manual
* The figures in this chapter illustrate the major subassemblies in the printer and their component
parts. A table accompanies each exploded view diagram. Each table lists the item number for the
replaceable part, the associated part number for the item, the quantity, and a description of the part.
* While looking for an electrical part number, pay careful attention to the voltage listed in the remark
column to ensure that the part number selected is for the correct model of the printer.
9. Exploded View & Assembly Parts List
9.1 Main Exploded View
9.2 Cover Front Exploded View
9.3 Cover Top Exploded View
9.4 Cover Deve Exploded View
9.5 Exit Ass’y Exploded View
9.6 Duplex Ass’y Exploded View
9.7 Deve-Drive Ass’y Exploded View
9.8 Main-Drive Ass’y Exploded View
9.9 Fuser Ass’y Exploded View
9.10. Cassette Ass’y Exploded View
9.11. SCF Cassette Ass’y Exploded View
9.12. Frame SCF Ass’y Exploded View
9.13 Main Frame Exploded View
9.14 Front Frame Exploded View
9.15 Rear Frame Exploded View
9.16 Base Frame Exploded View
9.17 MP Ass’y Exploded View
9.18 Pick-up Ass’y Exploded View
9.19 FeederAss’y Exploded View
9.20 Guide Paper Exploded View
9.21 ITB Cam Ass’y Exploded View
9.22 Dummy Fuser Base Ass’y Exploded View


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