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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Xerox
  • Models included:
    • Xerox DocuPrint P8e
    • Xerox DocuPrint P8ex

File Information:

  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   150
  • File size:  ∼ 6.19  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMXX-1006

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Xerox DocuPrint P8e / P8ex
Service Manual
Xerox DocuPrint P8e Service Manual v Contents
Table of Contents
Title Page
Service Call Procedures
Printer Specifications
Parts Lists
Repair Procedures
General Procedures
Wiring Data
Repair Analysis Procedures
P8ex Addendum
The Xerox DocuPrint P8e Service Manual is the
primary document used for repairing and
maintaining the P8e Laser Printers.
This manual contains Service Call Procedures,
Diagnostic Procedures, General Information,
Repair Analysis Procedures, Copy Quality
Analysis Procedures, Wiring Data, and Parts Lists
that will enable the Service Representative to
repair P8e failures.
NOTE: In some of the DocuPrint P8e
documentation the Print Cartridge is
referred to as the Image Cartridge. Print
Cartridge is the correct term.
Contents vi Xerox DocuPrint P8e Service Manual
This manual is divided into seven sections. The
title and description of each section of the manual
is as follows:
This section is used to identify a suspected
problem. It contains Call Flow, Initial Actions, and
Final Actions. This part of the service manual
should always be used to start the service call.
This section contains all the specifications for the
P8e / P8ex printers.
Section 3 - PARTS LISTS
This section contains illustrations of disassembled
subsystems and a listing of the spared parts.
Part names are listed in this section of the manual
even if the part itself is not spared. All the parts
that are spared will have the part number listed.
Parts that are not spared will not have a number
This section contains the instructions for removal,
replacement, and adjustment of the spared parts.
This section contains diagnostic routines, printer
setup procedures, and a listing of tools and
Section 6 - WIRING DATA
This section contains illustrations of the plug/jack
locations and the routing of power and signal
This section contains the procedures necessary to
repair failures in the printer. This section also
contains the procedures necessary to
troubleshoot print quality problems.
Section 8 - P8ex Addendum
All procedures and technical information in the
DocuPrint P8e Service Manual apply to the
DocuPrint P8ex printer with the exception of the
information provided in the P8ex addendum. The
P8ex Addendum contains the following
1) A description of the PCL 6 emulation
2) A description of the Universal Serial Bus
3) A new Repair Procedure for the Controller
PWB, REP 4.6.3A Controller PWB (P8ex)
Accessing the Controller Board now
provides easy access to the Memory
4) P8ex Parts List.
This section contains illustrations of
disassembled subsystems and a listing
of the spared parts for the DocuPrint
Xerox DocuPrint P8e Service Manual 3-1 Parts Lists
Section 3
Parts Lists 3
PL 1 Covers
PL 2 Front Cover
PL 3 Paper Trays
PL 4 Feeder
PL 5 Paper Transport
PL 6 Frame Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 7 Frame Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 8 Fuser
PL 9 Main Drive Motor
PL 10 Electronics
Parts Lists 3-2 Xerox Docuprint P8e Service Manual
PL 1 Covers
Item Part Number Description
1) - - - - - - Top Cover}
2) 802E00400 Rear Cover
3) - - - - - - Right Side Cover
4) - - - - - - Bottom Cover
5) - - - - - - Face Up Cover
6) 802E00380 Front Cover
7) - - - - - - Left Side Cover
8) 113R00296 Print Cartridge
A) 600K72020 Hardware Kit
Xerox DocuPrint P8e Service Manual 4-1 Repair Procedures
Section 4
Repair Procedures 4
4.0 Overview
REP 4.1 Covers
REP 4.1.1 Face Up Cover
REP 4.1.2 Front Cover
REP 4.1.3 Rear Cover
REP 4.1.4 Top Cover
REP 4.1.5 Left and Right Side Covers
REP 4.2 Paper Feed
REP 4.2.1 Paper Feed Solenoid
REP 4.2.2 Upper Frame Assembly
REP 4.2.3 Paper Feeder Assembly
REP 4.3 Paper Transportation and Sensing
REP 4.3.1 Pfeed Sensor
REP 4.3.2 Paper Empty Sensor
Repair Procedures 4-2 Xerox DocuPrint P8e Service Manual
REP 4.4 Fuser
REP 4.4.1 Fuser Assembly
REP 4.4.2 Fuser Pressure Roller
REP 4.4.3 Halogen Lamp (Fuser Heat Rod)
REP 4.4.4 Fuser Thermistor
REP 4.5 Drive and Xerographic Modules
REP 4.5.1 Print Cartridge
REP 4.5.2 Gear Bracket
REP 4.5.3 Main Drive Motor Assembly
REP 4.5.4 Transfer Roller
REP 4.5.5 DC Fan Motor
REP 4.5.5 DC Fan Motor
REP 4.6.1 Bottom Shield
REP 4.6.2 Engine Controller PWB
REP 4.6.3 Controller PWB
REP 4.6.4 LSU (Laser) Assembly
REP 4.6.5 HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply) PWB
REP 4.6.6 Joint PWB


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