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  • Brand:   Xerox
  • Models included:
    • Xerox Phaser 3428

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   206
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  • SKU:   BMXX-1014

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708P88586 09/06
Service Manual
PHASER 3428 09/06 i
Health and Safety Incident Reporting
1. Service Call Procedures
Section Contents
2. Repair Analysis Procedures
Section Contents
3. Image Quality
Section Contents
4. Repairs/Adjustments
Section Contents
5. Parts List
Section Contents
6. General Procedures/Information
Section Contents
7. Wiring Data
Section Contents
PHASER 3428 09/06 4-1
4. Repairs/Adjustments
REP 1 Front Cover Assembly
REP 2 MP Tray Assembly
REP 3 Rear Cover Assembly
REP 4 Fuser Unit
REP 5 Top Cover
REP 6 OPE Assembly
REP 7 Left Cover and Right Cover
REP 8 Shield Controller Assembly
REP 9 Main Drive Assembly
REP 10 Duplex Drive Assembly
REP 11 SMPS Shield Assembly
REP 12 Sub Connection PBA
REP 13 Fuser Drive Assembly
REP 14 Main Fan and Duplex Fan
REP 15 Pick up Roller Assembly
REP 16 Duplex Guide Housing
REP 17 HVPS Shield Assembly
REP 18 Middle Cover Assembly
REP 19 MP Feeder Assembly
REP 20 Feed Rollers and Bracket
REP 21 Pick up Gear Assembly and Solenoids
REP 22 Exit Roller
REP 25 Transfer Roller
Spare Parts List
PHASER 3428 09/06 5-1
5. Spare Parts List
PL 1 Main Assembly
PL 2 Cover Assembly
PL 3 Front Cover Assembly
PL 4 Rear Cover Assembly
PL 5 OPE Assembly
PL 6 Frame Assembly (1/3)
PL 7 Frame Assembly (2/3)
PL 8 Frame Assembly (3/3)
PL 9 MP Feeder Assembly
PL 10 Main Drive Assembly
PL 11 Fuser Drive Assembly
PL 12 Duplex Unit
PL 13 Fuser Unit
PL 14 Cassette Tray
PL 15 Common Hardware & General Service Items


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