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    • Xerox Phaser 8860

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September 2007 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Documentation
iii Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Introduction Initial Issue
About This Manual
v Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
About This Manual, Organization
Introduction Initial Issue
About This Manual The Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual is the primary document used for diagnosing,
repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting these systems. The Service Manual is the control-
ling publication for a service call. Information on using this document is found in the Introduc-
tion section. To ensure understanding of this product, complete the Xerox Service Training
Program for this particular system.
For manual updates, Service Bulletins, knowledge base, and technical support, visit
Service Manual Revision Updates are issued as the system changes or as corrections are identified.
Organization The titles of the sections and a description of the information contained in each section are
contained in the following paragraphs:
Introduction and General Information This section contains documentation organization, symbology and nomenclature, translated
warnings, safety symbols, regulatory specifications, and general information about the printer.
Section 1 Service Call Procedures This section contains procedures to be taken during a service call and in what sequence they
are to be completed. This is the entry level for all service calls.
Section 2 Status Indicator RAPs This section contains descriptions of the diagnostic aids for troubleshooting that include Power
On Self Test (POST), Built-in Self Tests (BIST), and Fault Code error procedures.
Section 3 Image Quality This section contains the diagnostic aids for troubleshooting image quality problems, as well as
image quality specifications and image defect samples.
Section 4 Repairs/Adjustments This section contains all the remova l, replacement, and adjustments procedures.
Repairs include procedures for removal and replacem ent of spare parts listed in the Parts List.
Use the repair procedures for the correct order of removal and replacement, for warnings, cau-
tions, and notes.
Adjustments include procedures for adjusting the parts that must be within specification for the
correct operation of the system. Use the adjus tment procedures for the correct sequence of
operation for specifications, warnings, cautions and notes.
Section 5: Parts Lists This section contains the illustrated Parts List. Section 6: Diagnostic Information This section contains details of the embedded Service Diagnostics test suite, as well as trou-
bleshooting procedures for system problems not related to a specific fault code.
Section 7: Wiring Data This section contains drawings, lists of plug/ja ck locations, and diagrams of the power distribu-
tion wire networks in the machine. Individual wire networks are shown in the Circuit Diagrams
contained in Section 2. This section also contains the Block Schematic Diagrams.
Section 8: Theory of Operation This section contains detailed functional information on the print engine components.
1-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Service Call Procedures Initial Issue
1 Service Call Procedures
Service Call Procedures
2-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Error Messages and Codes Initial Issue
2 Error Messages and Codes
Power On Self Tests
26,0XX.6x Printing Faults
3-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Image Quality Initial Issue
3 Image Quality
IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
4-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Repairs and Adjustments Initial Issue
4 Repairs and Adjustments
Disassembly Overview
REP 4.0.6 Drum Fan
5-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Parts List Initial Issue
5 Parts List
Parts List Overview
5-4 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
PL 1.0 Parts List Initial Issue
PL 1.0 8860MFP Covers Item Part Description
1 848K06520 Front Door / Tray 1 Assembly
2 120E29140 Front Door Stay Retainer
3 009K02390 Front Door Stay with Spring
4 029E49330 Hinge Pins, Front Door
5 Front Door (P/O PL 1.0 Item 1)
6 050E23550 Output Tray
7 101E23660 Left Side Cover
8 003K20530 Scanner Hinge
9 848E11560 Control Panel (without Overlays)
10 Lamp Assembly
11 062K22590 Scanner Assembly (with 8-12)
12 Upper Housing (P/O PL 1.0 Item
11) (Includes Glass)
13 DADF Front Cover (P/O PL 1.0 Item
14 DADF Upper Cover (P/O PL 1.0
Item 15)
15 059K58460 DADF Assembly (with 13-19)
16 050K67610 DADF Input Tray
17 059K58650 DADF Pick Roller and Pad Kit
18 Separator Pad (P/O PL 1.0 Item 17)
19 003K20520 DADF Hinge
20 848E17250 Rear Cover
21 101E23670 Right Side Cover (with doors)
22 848E11530 I/O Access Door
23 848E11540 Drum Maintenance Door
24 109R00736 Waste Tray
25 802E93880 Waste Tray Cover
26 113R00736 Maintenance Kit, Standard
604K53810 Maintenance Kit, Extended
27 109K02110 Scanner Calibration Page
28 050K68070 MPT Tray Arm (P/O PL 1.0 Item 1)
29 059K63590 MPT Pick Roller (P/O PL 1.0 Item
6-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Diagnostics Initial Issue
6 Diagnostics
System Power On Process
7-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Wiring Data Initial Issue
7 Wiring Data
How to use the Plug/Jack Location List
8-1 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
Theory of Operation Initial Issue
8 Theory of Operation
System Overview
8-3 Phaser 8860/8860MFP Service Manual
System Overview, Image Input Terminal
Theory of Operation Initial Issue
System Overview The Phaser 8860 in either the printer (8860) or multifunction (8860MFP) version uses a Print-
head and new ink formulation to produce color or black and white output. With the exception of
the DADF, Scanner, Exit Module, Ink Loader, covers, and some electronics, the two models are
essentialy the same. For this overview, the 8860MFP is divided into two main components:
Image Input Terminal (IIT - Document Feeder/Scanner) and Image Output Terminal (IOT -
Print Engine). IOT descriptions also apply to the 8860.
Figure 1 Phaser 8860MFP Model
This section describes these major assemblies and subassemblies:
Image Input Terminal (IIT)
DADF and paper path
The Scanner Assembly with Control Panel
System Electronics
Electronics Module
Scanner Power Supply
Exit Module Control Board
Image Output Terminal
Paper Path
Image Process
Image Input Terminal The IIT generates the image data for copies and scans and is made up of two major sub-
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF)
Scanner Assembly with Control Panel
Figure 1 Major Components of the DADF and Scanner


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