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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Xerox
  • Models included:
    • Xerox WorkCentre 3119

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English
  • Number of pages:   185
  • File size:  ∼ 10.20  MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMXX-1039

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Part Number 708P88471 06/06
WorkCentre 3119 06/06 i
1. Service Call Procedures
Section Contents
2. Repair Analysis Procedures
Section Contents
3. Image Quality
Section Contents
4. Repairs/Adjustments
Section Contents
5. Parts List
Section Contents
6. General Procedures/Information
Section Contents
7. Wiring Data
Section Contents
WorkCentre 3119 06/06 4-1
4. Repairs/Adjustments
REP 1 Front Cover
REP 2 Rear Cover
REP 3 Fuser Fan
REP 4 Right Side Cover
REP 5 Left Side Cover
REP 6 Scan Assembly
REP 7 OPE Assembly
REP 8 Middle Cover Unit
REP 9 Fuser
REP 11 Toner Fan
REP 12 Engine Shield Assembly
REP 13 Main PBA
REP 16 Transfer Roller
REP 17 Feed Roller
REP 18 Pickup Roller, Solenoid HB (Pickup) and Solenoid HB (Bypass)
REP 19 Exit Roller
REP 20 Drive Assembly
WorkCentre 3119 06/06 4-3
REP 1 Front Cover
Parts list on PL 2
Switch off the electricity to the machine. Dis-
connect the power cord from the customer
supply while performing tasks that do not
need electricity. Electricity can cause death or
injury. Moving parts can cause injury.
1. Remove the cassette assembly, Figure 1.
Figure 1
2. Open the front cover, Figure 2.
Figure 2
3. Gently flex the front cover in the direction
of the arrows and remove the front cover,
Figure 3.
Figure 3
General Procedures and Information
WorkCentre 3119 06/06 6-3
GP 1 Product Specifications
Product Overview
General Specifications
Table 1:
Item Description Remark
Basic Model WorkCentre 3119
Target User Personal users
Key Specification -18ppm(Ltr. 19ppm), Chorus2(CPU : Use 16/32 Bit RISC Processor)
-Flash memory : 1Mb
-USB 2.0
-250 pages input, 50 pages output
Table 2:
Item Description
General Major Features Copy, Print, Scan
Net Dimension (WxDxH) 409(W) x 362(D) x 232mm(H)
(46.6 x 15.8 x 9.4 inches)
Net Weight (Exc. Toner Cartridge) 9.5kg (20.9lb)
Net Weight (Inc. Toner Cartridge 9.7kg (21.4lb)
LCD 2 Line x 16 characters
Gross Weight (Inc. packaging) 12.1kg (26.7lb)
I/O Interface USB 2.0
Power Consumption Printing Operation 350 Wh
Energy Star Compliant Yes
Power switch Yes
Noise Operating 53 dB
Standby 38 dB
Warm up time from Sleep Mode
(Recovery time)
Less than 30 seconds
Machine Life Max. Monthly Volume
(Duty Cycle)
Print 4,000 pages
Scan 800 pages
Average Monthly Print Volume 500 pages
Machine Life 5 years, 50,000 pages (whichever comes
Approval Class B
Device Memory 8MB
Page Counter Yes
Print Configuration Sheet Yes
Maintenance Pickup Roller 50,000 pages
Separation Pad 50,000 pages
Transfer Roller 50,000 pages
Fuser Unit 50,000 pages


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