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Make/Model Information:

  • Brand:   Xerox
  • Models included:
    • Xerox WorkCentre 5016
    • Xerox WorkCentre 5020

File Information:

  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English (EN)
  • Number of pages:   403
  • File size:  ∼ 40.20 MB
  • File Format:   PDF only
  • SME Watermarks:   None
  • Password lock:   No
  • Edit/copy/modify:   Yes
  • SKU:   BMXX-1073

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016 WC5020
Black-and-white Multifunction
une 2008
ork Center 5016, 5020
ervice Documentation
Certain components in the Work Center 5016/ 5020
are susceptible to damage from electrostatic dis-
charge. Observe all ESD procedures to avoid com-
ponent damage.
June, 2008
iWorkCentre 5016, 5020
How To Use This Manual
June, 2008
1-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Service Call ProceduresReissue
1 Service Call Procedures
1.1 Before Starting Service
June, 2008
2-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Status Indicator RAPSReissue
2 Status Indicator RAPS
Error Codes Fault Repair Overview and List of Error Codes
June, 2008
3-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Image QualityReissue
3 Image Quality
Image Quality RAPs IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
June, 2008
4-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Repairs and AdjustmentsReissue
4 Repairs and Adjustments
Introduction Introduction
REP 9.1.1 Output Tray
June, 2008
4-2 WorkCentre 5016, 5020
ReissueRepairs and Adjustments
ADJ 11.1.1 Carriage Assembly Alignment (Parallelism)
June, 2008
5-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Parts ListsReissue
5 Parts List
Overview Introduction
PL 8.4 Control Panel Component
June, 2008
5-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Parts ListsReissue
Overview Introduction
PL 9.2 Rear / Right Cover and NOHAD Fan
June, 2008
5-3WorkCentre 5016, 5020
PL 1.1
Parts ListsReissue
PL 1.1 IOT Motor Item Part Description
007K94880 IOT Motor (REP 1.1.1)
120E22470 Push Tie
Gear Pulley (Not Spared)
Cover (Not Spared)
Belt (Not Spared)
Traceability Label (Not Spared)
June, 2008
6-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
General ProceduresReissue
6 General Procedures
Diagnostics Diagnostic Mode
June, 2008
7-1WorkCentre 5016, 5020
Wiring DataReissue
7 Wiring Data
BSDs Chain 1 Standby Power


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