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  • Brand:   Yaesu
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    • Yaesu VX-210AV

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Operating Manual Reprint
Exploded View & Miscellaneous Parts
Block Diagram
Circuit Description
Board Units (Schematics, Layouts & Parts)
SW Unit
Optional Board Units (Schematics, Layouts & Parts)
VTP-50 VX-Trunk Unit
FVP-25 Encryption / DTMF Pager Unit
VHF Band
Service Manual
The Vertex VX-210AV is a compact hand portable trans-
ceiver for the VHF land mobile band that offers the conve-
nience of small size, light weight, and simple operation.
The VX-210AV can be simply programmed by your
VERTEX STANDARD Dealer with up to 16 channels for
single and split frequency operation. The VX-210AV pro-
vides up to 5 watts of RF output power and includes a
flexible quick-connect antenna.
The transceiver and Ni-Cd battery packs are construct-
ed of thick high-impact polycarbonate plastic, with spe-
cial attention paid by the designers to tight seals and rug-
gedness, assuring years of reliable operation even in harsh
The following pages describe the operation, features
and accessories of the VX-210AV. With proper care and
operation, the transceiver will provide many years of re-
liable communications.
4-8-8 Nakameguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-8644, Japan
US Headquarters
10900 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 75525, 1118 ZN Schiphol, The Netherlands
Unit 12, Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall Close
Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 0LB, U K.
Unit 5, 20/F., Seaview Centre, 139-141 Hoi Bun Road,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Operating Manual Reprint
re Be in Before You Begin r Bege in Before You Begin
Battery Pack Installation and Removal
To install the battery, hold the transceiver with your
left hand, so your palm is over the speaker and your
thumb is on the top of the belt clip. Insert the battery
pack into the battery compartment on the back of the
radio while tilting the Belt Clip outward, then close
the Battery Pack Latch until it locks in place with a
Low Battery Indication
As the battery discharges during use, the voltage gradually
becomes lower. When the battery voltage becomes to low,
substitute a freshly charged battery and recharge the de-
pleted pack. The TX/BUSY indicator on the top of the radio
will blink red when the battery voltage is low.
Avoid recharging Ni-Cd batteries often with little use
between charges, as this can degrade the charge ca-
pacity. We recommend that you carry an extra, fully-
charged pack with you so the operational battery may
be used until depletion (this “deep cycling” technique
promotes better long-term battery capacity).
p atOperation a p t Operation
Preliminary Steps
Install a charged battery pack onto the transceiver, as
described previously.
Screw the supplied antenna onto the Antenna jack.
Never attempt to operate this transceiver without an
antenna connected.
If you have a Speaker/Microphone, we recommend that
it not be connected until you are familiar with the ba-
sic operation of the VX-210A.
Operation Quick Start
Turn the top panel’s VOL/
PWR knob clockwise to
turn on the radio on.
Pull and turn the top
panel’s CH selector knob
to choose the desired op-
erating channel.
Rotate the VOL/PWR knob
to set the volume level. If no
signal is present, press and
hold in the ACC button (the
lower button on the left
side) for more than 1 second
(when “MONITOR” is assigned to the ACC button); back-
ground noise will now be heard, and you may use this to
set the VOL/PWR knob for the desired audio level.
Press and hold in the ACC
button (when “MONI-
TOR” is assigned to the
ACC button) for more
than 1 second (or press the
ACC button twice) to
quiet the noise and resume normal (quiet) monitoring.
o C n s o r e t Contorols & Connectors
(External Mic/Earphone )
CH (Channel) Selector
ACC Button
Push To Talk
(PTT) Switch
LED Indicator
Battery Pack
To remove the battery, turn the radio off and remove
any protective cases. Open the Battery Pack latch on
the bottom of the radio, then slide the battery down-
ward and out from the radio while holding the Belt
Do not attempt to open any of the rechargeable Ni-
Cd packs, as they could explode if accidentally short-
7911 1 15
Glows Green ACC on
Blinking Green Busy Channel (or SQL off)
Glows Red Transmitting
Blinking Red Battery Voltage is low
Blinking Yellow Receiving a Selective Call
Operating Manual Reprint
To transmit, press and hold
in the PTT switch. Speak
into the microphone area
of the front panel grille
(lower left-hand corner) in
a normal voice level. To re-
turn to the Receive mode, re lease the PTT switch.
If a Speaker/Microphone is available, remove the plas-
tic cap and its two mounting screws from the right side
of the transceiver, then insert the plug from the
Speaker/Microphone into the MIC/SP jack; secure the
plug using the screws supplied with the Speaker/Mi-
crophone. Hold the speaker grille up next to your ear
while receiving. To transmit, press the PTT switch on
the Speaker/Microphone, just as you would on the
main transceiver’s body.
Save the original plastic cap and its mounting screws.
They should be re-installed when not using the
n te c io Key Functions
The VX-210A provides a programmable “ACC” (Accessory)
button. The ACC button’s functions can be customized (set to
any of a variety of functions), via programming by your VER-
TEX STANDARD dealer, to meet your communications/net-
work requirements. The particular function to be activated or
disabled may require a simple press of the ACC button, or it
may require that the ACC button be pressed and held in for one
second (or more). See the discussion below.
Some features may require the purchase and installation of
optional internal accessories.
The possible ACC button programming features are illustrated
below, and their functions are explained in the next chapter.
For further details, contact your VERTEX STANDARD dealer.
For future reference, check the box next to the function that
has been assigned to the ACC button on your particular radio,
and keep it handy.
D c p e o e ri o f p i F nc Description of Operating Functions
Press the ACC button to override (disable) the Tone Squelch.
Background noise or incoming signals will now be
heard whether or not a matching tone is present on
the signal. Press the ACC button once more to resume
normal (quiet) Tone Squelch action.
Squelch OFF
Press the ACC button to override both the Noise and
Tone squelch systems. Again press the ACC button to
resume normal (quiet) Noise and Tone squelch action.
Low Power
Press the ACC button to set the radio's transmitter to
the “Low Power” mode, thus extending battery life.
Press the ACC button again to return to “High Power”
operation when in difficult terrain.
The Scanning feature is used to monitor multiple chan-
nels programmed into the transceiver. While scanning,
the radio will check each channel for the presence of a
signal, and will stop on a channel if a signal is present.
To activate scanning:
Press the ACC button.
The scanner will search the channels, looking for
“active” ones; it will pause each time it finds a chan-
nel on which someone is speaking.
To stop scanning:
Press the ACC button.
Operation will revert to the channel to which the
CH knob is set.
Follow-Me Scan
“Follow-Me” Scan feature checks a User-assigned Pri-
ority Channel regularly as you scan the other channels.
Thus, if only Channels 1, 3, and 5 (of the 8 available
channels) are designated for “Scanning,” the user may
nonetheless assign Channel as the “User-assigned” Pri-
ority Channel via the “Follow-Me” feature.
Press the ACC button to activate “Follow-Me” scanning,
then pull and turn the CH selector knob to the channel
which you want to designate as the “User-Assigned Pri-
ority Channel”. When the scanner stops on an “active”
channel, the User-assigned Priority Channel will auto-
matically be checked every few seconds.
Dual Watch
The Dual Watch feature is similar to the Scan feature,
except that only two channels are monitored: the cur-
rent operating channel, and the “Priority” channel.
To activate Dual Watch:
Press the ACC button.
The scanner will search the two channels; it will
pause each time it finds a channel on which some-
one is speaking.
Function ACC button
Press Press and Hold
Squelch OFF
Low Power
Follow-me Scan
Dual Watch
Talk Around
Speed Dial
TX Save Off


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