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  • Brand:   Yaesu
  • Models included:
    • Yaesu VXR-7000 (VHF)
    • Yaesu VXR-7000 (UHF)

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  • Type:   Factory Service Manual (FSM)
  • Language:   English (EN)
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  • SKU:   ROYA-0033

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Service Manual
VXR-7000 (VHF)
Desktop Repeater
This manual provides technical information necessary for servicing the VXR-7000 FM Land Mobile Repeater.
Servicing this equipment requires expertise in handling surface-mount chip components. Attempts by non-qualified
persons to service this equipment may result in permanent damage not covered by the warranty, and may be illegal in
some countries.
Two PCB layout diagrams are provided for each double-sided circuit board in the repeater. Each side of is referred to
by the type of the majority of components installed on that side (“leaded” or “chip-only”). In most cases one side has only
chip components, and the other has either a mixture of both chip and leaded components (trimmers, coils, electrolytic
capacitors, ICs, etc.), or leaded components only.
While we believe the technical information in this manual to be correct, VERTEX STANDARD assumes no liability
for damage that may occur as a result of typographical or other errors that may be present. Your cooperation in pointing
out any inconsistencies in the technical information would be appreciated.
Operating Manual Reprint
CE27 Programming Software Instruction
Exploded View & Miscellaneous Parts
Block Diagram
Interconnection Diagram
Circuit Description
Board Unit (Schematics, Layouts & Parts)
PA Unit
TX Unit
RX Unit
LPF Unit
Display Unit
Key Unit
Filter Unit
VR Unit
SQL Unit
PS Unit
4 8 8 Nakameguro, Meguro Ku, Tokyo 153 8644, Japan
US Headquarters
10900 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 75525, 1118 ZN Schiphol, The Netherlands
Unit 12, Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall Close
Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 0LB, U.K.
Unit 5, 20/F., Seaview Centre, 139 141 Hoi Bun Road,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Operating Manual Reprint
POWER Switch
This is the main power switch for the repeater.
LED Indicators
AC: This LED glows green during AC operation.
DC: This LED glows yellow during DC operation.
MIC Jack
This 8-pin modular jack accepts the microphone in-
put, and provides a standby control line to activate the
transmitter when using the “BASE” mode of opera-
tion. This jack also provides a “Hook” control line, as
well as a “Clone Data” line.
This switch toggles the operating mode between the
“REPEATER” mode and the “BASE” transceiver
mode. When the “REPEATER” mode is selected, the
LED above it glows green. While in the “BASE” mode
(the green LED is off), you can speak into the micro-
phone to use it as a transceiver. For normal repeater
operation, set this switch to the “REPEATER” mode.
This switch toggles the control mode between the “RE-
MOTE” mode and “LOCAL” mode. When the “LO-
CAL” mode is selected, the LED above it is off, and
the repeater operates according to the control data pro-
grammed into the repeater. While in the “REMOTE”
mode, the LED glows green, and the repeater oper-
ates according to the control instructions received from
an external device (connected to the ACC jack on the
rear panel).
This switch selects the “Squelch” (receiver mute) mode.
When the green LED above it is off, “Tone” or “Coded”
squelch is active. When you press this switch momen-
tarily, the green LED will glow steadily; in this condi-
tion, only “noise squelch” is active, and any signal present
on the channel will be heard. If you press and hold this
switch for more than 2 second, the green LED will blink
and the squelch will open; in this condition, background
noise will be heard if no signal is present.
This switch can be set up for special applications, such
as High/Low power selection, as determined by your
Vertex Standard dealer. The LED above it glows green
when this function is activated. For further details,
contact your Vertex Standard dealer.
VOL Knob
This control knob adjusts the receiver volume level
from the front panel speaker. If desired, this control
knob may be set fully counterclockwise when repeater
monitoring is not needed.
SQL Knob
This control knob selects the noise squelch threshold
level. Set it to a position just above the point where
the BUSY lamp goes out when no signal is present.
Channel Selector Buttons ( and )
Press one of these buttons to select the operating chan-
Channel Indicator
This seven-segment LED indicates the operating chan-
nel number.
Controls & Connectors
Front Panel
Operating Manual Reprint
ANI Display
The ANI LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) indicates the
pre-programmed ANI message according to the ANI
code received.
TX/BUSY Indicator
The BUSY indicator glows green when the channel is
busy, and the TX indicator glows red when the repeater
is transmitting.
This 3.5-mm, 2-pin jack provides variable audio out-
put for an external speaker. The audio output imped-
ance at this jack is 4 ? ~ 16 ?, and level varies ac-
cording to the setting of the front panel’s VOL con-
TX Antenna Jack
This N-type coaxial jack provides the transmitting out-
put signal for connection to the transmitting antenna
or TX jack on the duplexer, if used. The output im-
pedance requirement is 50 ?.
RX Antenna Jack
This N-type coaxial jack accepts the receiver input
signal from the receiving antenna or RX jack on the
duplexer, if used. The input impedance requirement is
ACC Jack
This DB-25 connector provides a data interface be-
tween the microprocessor in the VXR-7000 and pe-
ripheral devices (such as the VX-TRUNK Unit).
This 8-pin modular jack is used for remote control. It
provides TX and RX audio, TX keying, and squelch
status output. The TX and RX audio impedance is 600
GND Terminal
For best performance and safety, the GND terminal
should be connected to a good earth ground using a
short, heavy, braided cable.
AC Jack
This receptacle accepts the AC power cord, which
should be connected to the AC mains supply or wall
outlet. The AC line voltage must match that for which
the repeater is wired.
BATT Terminal
These terminal posts accept 12~ 15 VDC for operat-
ing the repeater from a battery or other DC source.
When operating from AC mains, a small trickle cur-
rent is present at these terminals to maintain battery
charge. A battery rated for 12 volts, 55 Ah (minimum)
is recommended for short-term emergency/backup op-
Rear Panel
(1) ANI
Press this button to clear the message on the ANI
display, and turn off the LCD backlight.
(2) ENI
Press this button to turn off the Alert tone.
Press this button again to clear the message on the
ANI display, and turn off the LCD backlight.


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